My ex girlfriends pictures

My girlfriend was in her late 40s. she had a killer body and great tits 40DD store bought so they were firm. she was having computer problems and knowing i was a computer tech asked me what she should do. i looked at her computer and by the sounds of it her hard drive was about to crash. i turned it off and told her i would get my hard drive and back it up but she would need a new computer. she told me i could come over the next day and back it up but she would be out with her mom and daughters. no problem

the software i used flashed an image of the file that was being backed up on the screen. because the hard drive was in such bad shape it was a slow painful process until it began backing pictures. most of them were family shots but she had two very hot daughters so it was entertaining. even that after a while got old. then i began to see picture of her and her ex naked and fucking. there were 40 or 50 of them. after the first 5-10 i realized that these pictures were being taken from different angles and depths. someone was taking the picture of her getting fucked in a motel room. then there were pictures of her and her friend naked and she was playing with her friends pussy. there were naked pictures of 3 of her girlfriends. and the winner was her in a xxx theater naked and getting fucked while a bunch of guys watched.

she was very embarrassed when she learned i saw them and confessed to the guy taking pictures while her bf fucked her and she sucked his cock.

2 months ago

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    • I want my exes sister! Yum! I get soo turned on seeing that fat MILF all over my dick! I want to impregnate her right next to her husband! I want her legs spread and that tasty pussy opens up like a invitation! I must stick my dick inside of her and inseminate her to the fullest!! Im still thinking about u baby!! Ur husband knows I would impregnate u! But that pussy does nothing! Haha

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