Massage My Aunt

I am female I have always been close to my aunt I see her a lot this day she was complaining about her feet hurting I offered to massage them, she lay on the floor for me she was wearing a skirt obviously I could see up she was wearing an old pair of knickers you know after a while the leg sags I could see inside her vagina I tried not to look but you can not help it she had the other leg wide open she saw my looking and smiled at me and said its ok I know I am showing every thing, I was getting very excited I had never seen a mature woman's vagina and anus before, I wasn't brave enough to venture further and do what I really wanted to do to her, when I was leaving she said call again soon and see hoe things turn out, ime a bit scared.

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  • Aunties are special we use to play at doctors taking turns examining each other undressing and a lot more that I couldent publish, it is my fondest memory, I am hard now thinking about it

  • I use to play a game with my aunt, she invented it a game called I doctors and nurses, I was the doctor she was the nurse we would examine each other in turn, the naughty things we did to each other, dare not say

  • I think I was about 19 years old when I visited my aunt during the summer. My parents and I usually stayed about a few days and then left. One day we all had gone shopping. When we came back to the house my aunt had taken off her heels and sat down in a chair. She put her bare feet up on the couch where I was sitting. Having a strong mature foot fetish even then, I was dying to have those beautiful feet in front of me. She said that her feet where tired and sore. I figured this was my chance. I asked her if she would mind me rubbing her feet. She said that she would love it, but I wondered where my parents where. I started to rub her feet, and the more I rubbed, the more the pungent odor of sweat I could smell. Her feet were beautiful for her age. I noticed she was completely relaxed with her eyes closed. I couldn't help it so I started to lick her toes. The taste was strong and kinda salty. She woke right up and said "Hey..that's not a foot rub". She quickly pulled her foot away and went into the other room mad. I kept quiet most of the visit, and I don't think my aunt ever said anything to my parents and I never tried anything like that again.

  • Did you at least massage her feet?

  • My mum never knew but me and my aunt use to mess about with each other and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, it was very wrong and taboo but that's why we enjoyed it so much, the more naughty it is the better it is

  • Bet your own mom fooled around with your cousins....

  • She wanted you to stick your finger in what were you waiting for you said you were excited she was showing you her private parts, offer to massage again

  • I have to agree with that

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