My girlfriend had a Grand Pre her Mom a Nissan Maxima this happen

My girlfriend had a Pontiac Grand Pre. It was white with a V6 engine and it had no center console and had a front seat that was like a bench seat three people could sit upfront. I could slid over and right next to her while she was driving. I had a perfect unobstructed view of her foot pushing the gas pedal. I could touch her right foot with my foot from the passenger side. Her gear shifter was on the steering wheel it was an automatic. I was 16 years old almosgt 17 and she was 19. She had shoulder lengh blond hair blue eyes and was white without a tan. She was the ideal girlfriend for me because I loved a girl that had a lead foot . I also loved a girl that drove barefoot. I worked an 8 hour shift on the weekends and would get a 1 hour lunch. My girlfriend would come up to my job and be waiting for me in her car before my 1 hour lunch started. She was always early. So for my lunch break I would jump into her car and she would floor it pedal to the metal and we would go to a park that was right down the road from my job. It would take a few minutes to get there maybe 3 minutes. She would either bring me a sandwich or something to eat or I would have something usually I was not hungry because the place I worked at a retail establishment that was at one time the go to place for everything clothes, housewares, hardware, paint, grocery, garden center. There was a
decent size cafe inside the store called an Eatery. I could always grab something to eat what I loved the most about these Lunch break hours with my girlfriend was French kissing. I loved kissing her we would French kiss suck face I loved feeling her body next to mine holding her as we sat together in her car. Sometimes she would sit on my lap sometimes I would play with her feet massage them hold them she loved having her feet rubbed. I liked something else that would give me a powerful erection. It was watching her pretty barefoot i believe it was a size 8 touch the gas pedal. I liked to watch her drive she would put the pedal all the way down and push her engine to the limit but when we were parked I got her to start doing something that made me get so hard I would cum just by her touching and rubbing the outside of my pants. Sometimes she did not even have to touch it just rest her body against it. While we were sitting in the park a park that once had a spring that kept the pond full of fresh water and children would be scene swimming in it 8 years earlier. It looked like it was a sink whole orginally. Now the pond still with water but lower level and a film of green algea plagued it. Hardly any children in the park anymore it was desolate perfect for parking in the car with the A/C running and I would try to get my girlfriend to rev her engine. At first she did not want to she would put her foot on the gas pedal but would not push it to rev it. Over time she started revving it hard and then harder. She realized it was turning me on something serious. She would randomly push the accelerator and rev it during my lunch break but at the end of my lunch break just before she would proceed to exit the park. She would give me a grand final kind of show. She would stomp her foot down over and over on the accelerator revving her engine up and down really hard for a moment. That was my prize for being good. Doing what she wanted kissing making out rubbing her feet. She would floor it all the way back to my job I would always get back to work right on time. The rest of my day would be on another level. I would get employee of the week and all kinds of customer compliments and even customer phone calls to the management about how I went above and beyond. The store closed at 9 pm the same time my shift ended I would find her waiting for me in the parking lot. We would go to her house or we would take long drives down many of the backroads that were lined with orange groves and grape fruit groves. Long empty paved roads that went on for miles she would floor the gas pedal and hold it down reaching speeds of 100 mph I would put my head down on her lap sometimes and watch her pretty foot press the gas pedal to the floor and hold it down over and over. Her engine would go to the redline everytime. She had a lead foot and loved to drive her car as fast as she could. I enjoyed every moment. I started hanging out at her house all the time . Her sister was a few years older than her she was tall skinny and had long black hair. Her mom was beautiful with blond hair she was in her mid 40's. I would have lengthy conversations with her in the kitchen. One day her my girlfriend got a headache and was not feeling well. I needed to get back to my car so I could go home. My car was parked at my job it was about a 20 minutes drive. Still not feeling well her Mom gave me a ride back to my car. I got into her Mom's car it was a Nissan Maxima with a really nice V-6 engine and a nice factory exhaust. It was an automatic her Mom took a different route she took a longer route. She started off driving casually I noticed that she had taken her sandals off and was driving barefoot. I could not see her foot pushing the gas pedal only the brake pedal So I put my seat back a little and leaned over toward her and I saw her beautiful white foot with a candy apple red toe nail polish and she must have had a size 9 foot I think but she missed a turn and it took me a while to realize it but when I did I mentioned it to her. She said something like oh heck what have I done. She pushed the gas pedal hard and accelerated the car and then made a U turn to go back to where she was suppose to turn. She floored her car everytime from that moment on. The Nissan Maxima sounded so nice as it accelerated and the RPM's raised up. She put her foot down to the floor everytime. It was like she new it was turning me on. I guess my girlfriend must have mentioned something about it. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was leaning over to watch her foot push the gas pedal to the floor. She told me to hold on as she busted a left hand turn really fast to make the green light. She floored it and then had to break quick for a redlight. I mentioned that her car was really quick. I said it is faster than her daughters Grand Pre she started talking about how it was much faster telling me a detail about the engine size and the horsepow er. While sitting at the traffic light only about 5 minutes away from where my car was parked at my job. She clicked the shifter into neutral and started revving her engine up. She was revving it really hard. I was looking at her foot pushing the gas pedal. She looked at me and caught my eyes. She said you like that don't you..? I said yes I do i love the way it sounds and you are an amazing driver. She revved it so hard it the RPM gauge was going all the way to the redline and her foot was going crazy on the gas pedal. She mentioned that she was going to show me what it could do. Don't tell her husband Roger. I never met Roget as yet he was an Airlines Pilot and was always out of town. She hit the the gas pedal and it put me back into the seat. At the last light she put her left foot on the brake and was gunning the gas pedal with her right foot. She launched it and the car took off like a rocketship. I could not believe I was doing almost like I did with my girlfriend but with her Mom except I did not lay my head on her lap. She pulls up next to my car and her Mom ask me if I could do her one favor. She said I am always rubbing her daughter feet like she saw me trying to make her feel better tonight when she was in bed. A few days earlier she walked in on us when we were sitting on the floor facing each other and i had both of her feet in my hands and I was massaging them. She asked me if I could get her right foot a quick foot rub something like that she said, I responded with I would like to taking advantage of the situation I asked her can you rev your engine one more time. She revved her engine with a furiousness that I had not scene before her engine roared like a Tiger it was awesome I could even hear her foot slapping on the gas pedal it turned me on like nothing else. I told her ok that was good enough that was awesome. The store was closed and the parking lot was empty. I told her to give me her foot so i could make it feel better. She sat up sideways on the seat like against the door and stretched her right foot towards me she had her left foot up also but it was resting on the seat and her right foot was on my lap smack bulleye on my hard erection that was trying to force its way through my pants. I took a hold of her foot and massaged it with my thumbs on the sole i used m knuckles to massage the arch of her foot. I put my all into it she closed her eyes at one point and said that it felt so good. I even massaged her calves a little. Her foot was very soft, much softer than her daughters foot. I think her daughter went around barefoot much more than her mom always had slippers or flip flops on her feet. I went on until she told me it was good enough I told her to give me her other foot she said it was ok but I was not going to take no I did the other foot as well and even both of them at the same time. She had lotion in her car a tiny little travel size thing and I used all of it on her foot. At some point she was moving her right foot on my
pants against my very hard thing in my pants. Just the little motion she was making against my erected dick gave me a feeling like I was going to cum. In an almost silent voice she told me to open my pants. Pull that out quickly I did and she took her feet and rubbed against it. The feeling was incredible she moved her toes on the underside of my shaft and I began cumming. It was a great feeling her daughter still had not touched my dick with her flesh only through my boxers. My pants underwear were soaked. She put her feet back to the floorboard and squeezed my dick in her hand and I cummed again.

Apr 9

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