Wife cheated on me

I stopped home from work to grab a snack while running an errand for work and there was a strange car in my drive way. When I went in I heard my wife upstairs talking to someone. I new I could not stay long and did not want to get in a conversation with someone because I had to get back to work. I know that she did not hear me come in so I left.

I got about a mile away and started thinking it was weird about there being an odd car ine the driveway like that. I went back an went in and heard a man voice. I want upstairs and then guest bedroom door was closed. I opened the door and my wife was in bed with another man.

Turns out my wife had been cheating on me for about 6 months. She says that he can't get it up so there's been no penetration (he's older than her, she's 59 and he is 74). Supposedly they been making out and he's been eating her out and sucking on her tits.

Not sure what to do next, ivemtold her I've forgiven her and she told me she stopped seeing him, but I found that she set him texts recently. I dont know what the texts say as I just saw them on the phone bill.

I thinks she is seeing him again and now I want to watched her have sex with other men, is this odd.

3 months ago

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    • I've come home many times early from work to find my wife getting fucked by a guy. Once they start fucking other men you can't stop them. If you're OK with it then let her have her fun.

    • Nothing odd. Let them enjoy.

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