Ladies - first awareness of sexuality

Ladies - when were you first aware of female and your own sexuality? I don't mean dreaming about finding a Prince Charming romance but when you first realized that girls / women could use their looks, and more, to their advantage? Did you notice girl friends, older sister etc doing it? If you have ever done it then when did you first use your looks, smile, or more to your advantage?

3 months ago

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    • I was around 11 or 12 when I became really aware of dressing and acting for effect. My older sister, who was mid teens, would go out sometimes in very short skirts and tight tops. When I asked her why she was showing so much off she replied that it helped get what she wanted and that I would learn when I was older. Our mother was always telling her to be careful but I didn't really know why. One day I went into her bedroom as she was getting dressed and I saw that she was wearing stockings and suspenders rather than tights. I thought that they were old fashioned but she told me that men (not boys!) liked them but it didn't occur to me that she was seeing someone older. Talk about an innocent mind!

      As I got older, we younger girls became more aware and there was talk of make up, revealing clothes and to be honest a bit of prick teasing by some of the girls which we though was funny but didn't realise that it could lead to other things. We were 13/14/15 and or course knew everything! Did I ever do anything like that? I was never a prick tease but I did dress to show off what I had and of course it works. Women don't have to be blatant with boobs hanging out to get what we want but a little make-up, good clothes, a flash of leg, a button or two 'accidentally' undone and of course flattery to men can help get things the way that we want.

    • I was sexual (we all are) at a fairly early age and especially during and after puberty.

      However, as far as using looks to attract the opposite sex, I was 14. By then I had firm bullet tits, nice legs, and I knew the boys thought I was hot. I was one of the hot girls in school and many boys wanted me to be their girlfriend. At first it was just kissing, holding hands type of stuff, but by the time I was 16 it was all about fucking. I dated and fucked a couple of the hottest boys in school and it was quite a time to be young and experiencing a lot of "firsts."

    • Too late as a fat prostitute in my 20s

    • Many years ago, when I was a skinny 12 year old and started to get some boobs and some shape. I found that if I wore a short skirt, baggy T shirt or walked around after a shower with only a very small towel wrapped around me then my stepdad took more notice. He was actually quite a good looking man. I made a point of innocently bending over so that he could look down my top or see my bum, and more. I have to say that he never said anything or tried to do anything to me. My mum told me several times to 'cover up' because she could see the effect that I was having. Now, I wasn't a conniving teen slut and it was more of experimentation but it was good to see the effect. At night I could hear them having sex and wondered what it would be like if he was doing me (I had just learned about masturbation from my girlfriends at school so my little button got quite a workover).
      A little later he gave me a camera (film in those days) and I had little money so film and processing was expensive. I found that if I was dressed scantily I could plead with him to get him to pay. Later I wanted I newer camera for my birthday so I thought that I would have to do a bit more and one evening when mum was out I had a shower, skimpy towel wrapped around, and went to sit next to him on the sofa watching the TV. I brought the subject of a new camera up, making sure that he could see what I was offering which was really just more of a look but it ended up with me wanking him off, my first time doing it. During the wank my little towel fell off so he could see all. I was excited to have what looked like a huge cock in my hand and to see him shoot off after a few minutes. I got the camera and later more things. We never had sex but I did wank him and suck him off many times over the next couple of years. I think that my mum suspected that something was going on but she never said anything to me and the sex between them continued so perhaps she didn't mind.

    • He knew exactly what you were doing and subtly played along. You'll notice that he never told you to cover up. As you say, your mum also knew exactly what you were doing, she was a young women herself once!

    • 13 with budding boobs - everyone loved to look at them and I became conscious about their guess.

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