Am I gay

Discovering I absolutely adore anal stimulation was an accident of sorts. i was fucking my wife missionary and as she got close to orgasm, she pushed two fingers up my arse. It made me blow my load at the same time she climaxed and it felt utterly amazing.

After that I used first my fingers during masturbation, then a small dildo I bought to stimulate my hole as I tossed myself off.

All this without telling my wife. Not because I was embarrassed by the sexual act, but because I was beginning to doubt my sexuality.

That was further tested, when I got in contact with an older man through a hook up site. I explained I only wanted to feel his cock up my arse as I masturbated, so we arranged for me to visit his home.

He did get me to lick and suck briefly on his cock, but I didn't enjoy it. But I thoroughly enjoyed him fucking me to orgasm and I came like never before.
Subsequent meetings, he'd tried to kiss me and have more than a fuck session, but I'm just not interested. I didn't like sucking his cock, but saw it as a means to an end.

I stopped going to his home, once he demanded i give him more of a gay experience and interact with him in a way I wasn't comfortable with.

Some time after ending the sex, I met a guy who's quite a few years younger than me. He's all about fucking and loves nothing more than to screw me as hard as I can take it.

We don't kiss, there's no fore play or caressing as such and I don't suck on his dick for long, if at all. Most times he visits my home where I'm already waiting for him. He pulls his own pants down, then thrusts his cock deep up my arse. I masturbate or let him just fuck me and I orgasm so hard and with so much intensity, I often grind right down onto his cock making him cream my insides with his goo.

It's a relationship which works for us both and I lobe that it's non committal.

My only concern or doubt, is does that make me gay. I'm still having sex with my wife as often as she now seldom wants it, but does letting a guy fuck my arse for pleasure, mean I've crossed the divide and become a gay man ?.


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  • It really doesn't matter if you are gay or not. What really maters is if you enjoy what you are doing. Once I was having sex with my girlfriend and I was fucking her pretty good when all of a sudden one of her fingers got too close to my ass hole and I blew a load in her like never before. It felt really good having her hands there. I don't think she ever even noticed that she got me off so quick.

  • My wife's been fingering me ever since she found out that I bottomed for other boys and some men also when I was a cute kid. Sometimes she does it with me wearing panties, she's really aggressive doing it too. She encouraged me to sleep with some gay friends of hers who she works with and I'm as much of a cute little sissy as I was when I was a kid??

  • Your not gay.
    A few years back, I started discovering that I was no longer able to keep my wife satisfied in bed. Because she was cheating on me. I didn't catch her, she just came right out and told me.
    We were eating dinner one Saturday evening. My wife just blurted out that Chuck her boyfriend was coming over for drinks and some heavy fucking. She said I could leave, stay and watch, or put a gun in my mouth, she didn't give a crap.
    Well I stayed, listened for a bit, then watched, and beat off. Over time things have evolved, I now get to join in. My job is to suck Chucks cock till it's hard, clean my wife's pussy out after he blows his load in it. If I do a really good job, my wife will allows Chuck to fuck my ass.
    Yes I've become a Cuckold.

  • I would love to fuck your ass. Nothing else. I just love anal sex. Do you ever fuck add your wife or men.

  • I want to try a real cock in my ass too. I play with dildos.

  • Try having your wife peg your ass. I love to play with dildos in my ass too. It massages your prostate.

  • Yes. You are gay, pretty soon you will start humming broadway songs and watching reruns of The Golden Girls. Then you will want to be Dorothy and start wearing wings and picking out bras.

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