What Happened to this site? It's so BORING!

It didn't used to be.

15 days ago

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    • You went back in the closet and stop writing stories that's what happened

    • It’s warm and dark in here and smells like mommy

    • Watch

    • Say what you want about pedos, at least they're not boring. The kids can't form sentences, they're boring. And it's boring because pearl-clutching SJW faggots will report anything they deem "harmful to us" like the pedo stuff which always gets pulled. So, again, it's the boring old cat lady who posts her boring shit constantly calling people names and posting her "barefoot hillbilly" and "incest troll" dull-ass shit who gets actual interesting stuff pulled.

      Fucking censorship pearl-clutching commie do-gooders ruin the world.

    • I say fuck the law that stops us people from putting bullets in pedophilic's heads!
      Commie assed government stopping us!

    • Mostly it's you screeching "pedophilia!" when someone says they did something (or even just looked at) a 16-year-old, absolutely ignoring that 16 is legal in MOST of the world. Or you screech "incest!" when someone talks about, say, a brother-in-law, which isn't a blood relation and therefore isn't incest. Point being it's just you boring us with all your screeching.

    • Yeah that bitch is the fuckin worst. Ima go molest some little cousin a mine just to spite that old hag ha ha

    • It's boring because first of all, the posters have to wait for the web administration to approve and post a submission. Sometimes that can take days.
      Second, most the people on these sites are jackass kids who like to troll people and make up shit. The others are pedophile sick motherfuckers.

    • So true! That's why this site needs age verification and registration with a credit card. That would send the kids packing and the pedophiles running. Then we could finally get some true stories!

    • Oh dear lord JC! Spoken like a true nanny state Commie! Go screech to Big Brother about registering citizens you freedom-hating fuckwit and leave us be! Get the fuck off OUR site if you don’t like it, Stalin!

    • Boy are you a moron if you don't think this site knows who you are! Try this out fool!
      You are here now leave this page open and get in your browser and clear your cookies and website history.
      Then refresh this page and post a comment then look at the cookies that are loaded in you browser! Google, Facebook, are two prime cookies that this place loads!
      You have a Facebook profile or google account. Then their cookies tell them who you are even in private mode and with a VPN. dumb ass!
      Don't believe me block all cookies and you won't be able to post here! Try it moron. I don't have any social media accounts. Hell just read the privacy info at the bottom of this page! This website ain't free look up who owns it idiot! That will be a shocker too.

    • Wow. Just wow. Literally everything you said is wrong. I could walk you through it sentence by sentence but since a) everybody knows you're wrong and b) you can't be told anything, I won't even bother.

    • Tell me asshole Walk it through I want to read that. They don't call them tracking cookies for nothing fool!

    • PS This website is powered by GoDaddy. Please tell me how you thing GoDaddy is getting paid! If you can't figure how. Tell me why this site is here and nobody pays for it!

    • Thats what I thought! Nothing from you asshole! Come one tell us all that we are anonymous on here!.

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