Secret cousin marriage

I am 35m and after my divorced my cousin 28f moved in with me for a new job she got in my area. She has this amazing athletic body and perky tits with a nice butt, i had the biggest crush on her growing up. After she got settle i took her out to dinner and a few drinks. After days went by we started to be more and more comfortable around each other, i will walk around in just short she be only on a oversized tshirt that couldnt hide her curves. One saturday morning i was in the kitchen making breakfast as she came out of her room to the bathroom wearing nothing but her panties, my dick almost jumped out of my pants at such beautiful sight, her tits were perky her but smooth and i could tell she was clean shaved. She came out of the bathroom wearing her usual oversized shirt and straight to the kitchen, gave me a kiss on the cheek and say good morning at this moment my erection is pushing me away from the kitchen counter. I couldnt take my eyes of her as she moves towards the refeigerator to get some juice. As she stood there i could see her beautiful shape through her shirt, got to love that fridge light. She walks pass me and her boobs rub on my arm and i felt her hard nipples, i almost dropped everything, she excused her self and I jokingly said dont worry you didnt stab ne that hard, she realized at that point that her nipples were sticking out her shirt, little that i knew that she was wearing no panties. I kept looking at her tits and her ass just thinking about burring my face in them, she caught me looking, like what you see? My fave turn red my cock got harder and all i could say was, maybe! Since you dont wear shirt why should i? And before i realized what she just said, her shirt came off, then she realized she left her panties in the bathroom, she has the most amazing skin and her pussy was clean shaven and thick. She inmidiatly cover herself with her shirt and went to the bathroom, then. Came out in her panties, after all we are family right? To what i just nodded. My eyes were fixated on her pussy that seems to be wet, as we sat to eat she caugh me looking multiple times. She got up pulled my chair away from the table and sat on my lap facing me. I knew you had a hard on since i came to the kitchen, why? Is this what you want? At that point my hands were on her ass, she started to grind on me sticking her hand between is pulling my dick out i could feel her wetness, i can smell it, she lifted up enough for the tip of my dick to be at her hole and as she slide her panty to the side and slided down my shaft we both let out a load moan. Her juices were running down my legs as she moves up and down, she was no longer my coysin she was my woman. The scent of sex drove me insane, the way her pussy pulsated on my dick felt amazin, before long she was having an orgasm and as her moans fill the appartment i couldntt hold back any longer and filled her up. Now she is my wife, she is only my cousin when family is around.


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  • Gotta love the fridge light

  • My husband and I were married over three years before we found out we were cousins. We are still married, but if I want him to leave me alone all I have to do is call him "Cousin" and his friskiness flees

  • Obviously not 1st cousin

  • Bull Shit 3 years never knew your family! That was as lame as it gets for you incest lovers.

  • Very hot

  • Lovely, I hope you and your cousin make a go of it!

  • Are you legally married? Why hide it from your family? Or is this fake incest propaganda.

  • It is not illegal in 28 states to marry or have sex with a cousin .

  • 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Yes it is ass hole only New jersey and Rhode Island have laws that allow first cousins only to have sex, but not to get married. You sick fuck.

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