I was talking to husband one evening about one of his Fantasy that had spoken about and remember something else he had spoken about and so I said you know the sex dolls how about getting one and we try as 3 some he said ok sounds fun and you get choose what she look like then laughing said unless brave enough and she could be basic body mold but can be and skin tone what and knowing wife fancy playing with pair big white boobs pink nipples I said cand do that as she Indian and light brown and can use a head from there stock but there be few people in shop as have cove body quick so not only will they see be rubbing hands over her she said well as I love her body so copy of her but white please both of us so that what said would do so I made appointment and of we went to get done well I was in shop watching as they got ready and said its time for her come in and start having coved herself in a nonstick cream lying on the bench they started to cover her and could see she was liking as her nipples was poking up lots and made little whimper as started rubbing over her pussy well they carried on till was finished when she went off for shower then returning had choose a head for doll so after done starting driving home but she was chatting saying was fun having the 2 men and 1 lady rubbing stuff over her body and started get honey so much had sort herself out in shower after but really fancy some cock so if can find quite spot and want be naughty she love to or wait for hour till home but the feeling might of droped of was not long till found spot and was near a beach so we went little walk on beach and had some fun then drove home and had more fun had to wait a while but the day come and she had arrived our new doll we soon had box open and was checking out read paperwork well I did wife was already fondling dolls boobs and sucking on nipples she looked at me saying know copy of hers but feel so different founding them as to when plays with her own and she said wonder now what her pussy feels like and put doll on settee sitting beside bending dolls knees so feet was on settee and she sat the same way and with one hand started playing with doll and soon hers to and I just stood in front watching getting hard soon had get my cock out that when wife said let her rub it over dolls pussy so I moved close and that what she started doing and looking at me guided to entrance and said slide inside her as wanted watch and fondling one dolls boobs rubbing herself watching me fuck doll asking how feels I said ok with her there playing joining in but don’t reckon be that good if I was alone as I like response when making love so wifey said I can try anytime she on night work but at this time had leave doll and make love to her well we had few good times wife gets doll out sits on settee and plays with herself and doll teasing me just like doing now so got Finnish and go join in

28 days ago

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    • I bought a Trottla doll!

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