The End is Surely Near

I just saw a news segment about a high school who cancelled its proms this year for fear of being sued if they banned boys from wearing gowns and girls from wearing tuxes. God will not much longer tolerate our identity crises", but will instead simply wipe us from the face of the earth. . . . . again: fully and finally. We are diseased and depraved.

28 days ago

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    • Ok,,first of all ,,guys have been wearing girls clothes and vice versa since the beginning of time and if you think about it hasnt anything bad happened yet so maybe GOD is ok with it ,cause lets be real if he did have a problem with it he would have done something about it a lonnnnng time ago . Admit it,,you are against cross dressing because of the gay sex arent you ?? Well most gay men dont want to fuck a cross dresser ,they dont want to have sex with a woman or a guy that looks and acts feminine .Now gay girls ,,bless their cute little hearts,,if a girl decides she is gonna fuck another girl it doesnt matter how she dresses or acts,,she gonna get what she wants . It is neither one of thems fault,,they were born the way they are cause God made them that way .I believe with GOD with all my heart and while I may not agree with everything he does WHO AM I TO JUDGE ?? That and he is in control and has a big plan for all of us ,,he knows what he is doing ,,DO YOU ??

    • Sure we are living in the last of the last days

    • Get a life. What's wrong with just letting people be themselves and be happy? Whom is this hurting?

    • These thing that you are rooting for the making living unlivable for the majority

    • In Los Angeles a dude walked into a ladies spa and showed underage girls his grown-up cock. And it’s ok because he considers himself trans so we have to be tolerant…

    • So, what the fuck are you doing here ? Why would you even bother coming on this site ? Oh, to troll the people you detest ? They might get on their knees, or, bend over, but, they don't go as low as you. You're lower than whale feces !

    • I’m glad I’m in my 70’s just sitting back watching the millennials self destruct. The worst part is all the good folks that didn’t ask for it. Still have to have hope that there’s more of them than we think

    • Corona pandemic is there as signal... Be aware fucking lovers!

    • Too many fags, cocksuckers and assfuckers here. I can't stand any of you. Go eat shit you analwarriors. You're all nauseating Q-jobs!!

    • Yes and at the same, Nevada just crowned a trans animal as their Miss Nevada. It's worse by the day. We are encouraging children to be perverts, to dress and act like perverts, and to tolerate all perversions. Then we wonder why they behave like sick fucking shits. We need to go back to corporal punishment.

    • So true like a 6 year old is going to know what sex they are!

    • What’s funny is the rainbow is a symbol that God wouldn’t destroy us AGAIN for our degeneracy and vice. So we use the rainbow as a symbol of degeneracy and vice to mock Him!

    • Outstanding point.

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