Licked my cousin’s shoes…

My father and I picked up my aunt and her daughter (my cousin) from the airport and took them to our house. I caught up with my cousin, we had all sorts of chats, and I especially noticed just how beautiful she had become. (For context, I’m 17 and she’s 19)

When she went to sleep I went to the garage where I knew her shoes were and simply started inhaling her insoles. I was expecting it to smell rancid but it actually smelled sweet (in a strange way) and I couldn’t get enough of it.

After a few more minutes of taking in the essence of her feet, I took her shoes with me upstairs to my room and proceeded to incessantly lick all the entirety of her shoes (from the bottoms to the top). I felt like an absolute degenerate licking the dirt from trainers but I just kept on going. Eventually, I pressed one of her shoe’s against my nose (again absorbing the delectability of her sweet feet) before I eventually cummed into my pants.

After that I experienced post-nut clarity like never before and thought about just how degenerate I had become. I instantly regretted what I had done but at the same time I felt that I had experienced the high of my life. I eventually went back downstairs and returned her white shoes to the garage. Hopefully she doesn’t notice how much cleaner they’ve gotten….

1 month ago

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    • Ima stick that shoe up yo ass

    • Hey shoe sniffer what's up!

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