Strip Poker

My wife played strip poker with me and two friends during our sophomore year of college. We had only been dating for a couple of weeks so I had never seen her naked or had sex with her. After some beers, we were playing and pretty quickly she was naked. She still wanted to play so one of the guys suggested that if she lost she had to sit on the winner's lap. She won a couple of hands and all of us guys only had on our underwear. Then she lost and she sat on the winner's lap but he still had underwear on and the other guy and I were naked. My wife wanted to get the last guy naked so she bet that she would have sex with whoever won if she didn't win. She lost to the guy that still had his underwear on but as my girlfriend laid on the bed he took his underwear off and got between her legs and she guided him into her. He took her virginity as I and the other guy watched. I wanted to be next but the other guy got on her as soon as the first guy got off. Then I got my turn to loose my virginity with my girlfriend who had been a virgin only 10 or 15 minutes before.
All three of us kept fucking my girlfriend until we graduated from college and she moved in with me in Boston where I had gotten my first job. We got married the next summer and will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary later this year. She tells me that she always knew that she wanted to marry me but she really loved having three guys to fuck her during college.

1 month ago


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    • Sounds like the perfect girlfriend, but I hope that her adventures didn't end after you got married!

    • Fucking hot

    • Absolutel bullshit

    • I left out the part where we all pissed on her

    • That's the most important part of any card game involving deflowering

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