I want to find my Cousin Lewis to take him to bed with me

I want to find my Cousin Lewis, and I want to take him to bed with me, to do something I always wanted to do with him, and that’s Mix up our sperm together in my tight Foreskin Cock from his big Cock.
And I want to get a Milk Carton, and I want us to fill up that empty Milk carton all the way to the top with nothing but our Mixed up Sperm and mixed up Cum. His Sperm and my Sperm together in one big Puddle of Mixed Cum and Mixed sperm and soon afterwards it will all be filled up after a year or so with nothing but our Mixed up Sperm fighting and killing each other. I know he confessed that he’s Gay, and now I want him to know that I made him Gay. And I want to bury our Mixed up Sperm milk Carton in a time Capsule so that it will live on in the Earth so that our mixed Sperm will always be together fighting each other in that Milk Carton until the end of the earth, our Sperm war will continue to the end of Earth.
P.S, I’m 41, and he’s 31 and a half, we were always close, ever since we were young, and yes, he looked like a Girl, but we are going to meet up someday to have ourselves one last great big sperm war with each other. We were always Gay, he was Gay and I was Gay, but we were only Gay with each other, and nobody else. And he never was forced into Gay stuff, he wanted my Penis in his Penis foreskin, and both our Penises were tiny, that it never hurt one bit for him, it was great big pleasure for the both of us, Tiny Cock vs Tiny Cock. When my small Cock went into his tiny Foreskin, it cummed right into his tiny Peehole, he also cummed a few mins later, while we were still frotting. It was the only time it ever happened in our youth, our Penises were almost the same size, it was not rape, it was all consensual. He wanted it, and I wanted it too.

1 month ago


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    • More faggots to shoot!

    • That’s all right, I got nothing to live for anyways, I’ll gladly welcome you shooting me dead. You killing me is saving me from this cruel unforgiving world.
      You’ll be saving me from misery rather then prolonging it.

    • You can kill yourself fag. It don't matter if you commit suicide! You'r going to hell for being a fag! So just do it.

    • But I’m not the only one going to Hell, my Cousin Lewis is coming with me, he choose to be my lover, I asked him to be my Lover, so he agreed to do it, but we never went all the way. And you may as well know, I also made his big sister fall in love with me as well, and she and I already tried having sex once, but it didn’t work out, because we got into a great big fight with each other.

    • Ok, but I’m taking you to hell with you, you Homo. I’m not the only Faggot in this world that deserves to die, lots of other people also deserve to die, and you’re one of them, so I’ll go to hell when I feel like it, and it’ll be on my terms and my terms only. Besides it’s not as if I was not totally at fault, the criminals responsible for my upbringing should die first, then I should die last. That’s the deal, they die first, then I die last. And all the criminals responsible for my upbringing will be dead and long gone by 2067.

      So by that time, I’ll gladly end my life as a pathetic old man who will choose his own death date in the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland 🇨🇭 and no place else in the world.

      So in 2067, I’ll be dead and gone. Because I’ll choose to end my own life in that very year in 2067, but only after every criminal responsible for me being like this is dead and long gone.

    • Why wait do it now! Get a rope and make a noose! The rest is easy!

    • No means no, you die first, I’ll even help this world die. I got plans for it, big plans.

    • Get this I'm not gay like you are asshole! Second I don't want to die like you do! Third There is no fucking way you could kill me asshole. I gladly put two lead injections in your heart and one in your head so fast if you tried to kill me! You want to die then do it now! You seem like you are in a lot of pain so do and all your troubles will be gone! Have a nice after life!

    • I wouldn't feed you my faggot cum even if you were in the desert and dying of thirst

    • No she means shoot come on her face

    • She's ugly but she doesn't look enough like a dude (well not a CUTE one anyway) so that a fag would shoot his jizz on her face no matter how deranged he is! The Incest Warrior will go to the grave a facial virgin as well as a plain ol' virgin. Bless.

    • Jesus, you're giving cousin-fuckers a bad name

    • If you saw him, you’ll want to fuck him as well, he’s was already Gay when I met him, and he already loved sleeping with Boys and girls. So me and him, we did it consensual every time.

    • Ima make you suck my ebony dick what you think of that

    • I love Ebony Pussy a lot more, beside, I already had 6 Ebony pussies already. How many have you had you Incel, probably none at all you worthless talentless Virgin.

    • I got nine inches of black dick don't want no nastyass ebony pussy smell like a rancid fuckin tuna melt I want reparations bitch white lady pussy I grab em from the church parking lot

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