Fantasy ass play

My wife refuses all anal sex, so I have taken to fantasizing about a young (29) brunette BBW at work and I fantasize about giving her frequent rimmings and anal french kisses while I masturbate. I love you, lindsey!

1 month ago

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    • Oh I love you too bae. I fantasize about you every night with my toy. Take me tomorrow and I'll be yours.

    • Hey this is Lindsey again. The doctor just told me I have anal warts. Hope that's not a turn-off.

    • I hope and pray this is actually you, Lindsey. I actually do love you and dream about you and your buttocks and your sweet warm delicious anus, and I'm confident we can deal with the HPV diagnosis together. If you wind up feeling for me even 1/1,000 of what I feel for you, my plan is to leave my wife immediately so that no one can ever stand between us or interfere with our love. I know how you feel about the sanctity of marriage, but I refuse ---REFUSE --- to allow her to keep us apart, or to keep me out of your amazing ass. I love you and want you, darling. I'm at the office this morning, but I know you won't be here until Monday. We can talk then. I want to get IN you somehow. The deeper, the better. Oh, Lindsey.

    • Sweet Lindsey: I had my wife take the kids to church this morning, while I stayed home, fantasizing about you like a maniac. I had four orgasms. . . . . . imagining you doing all sorts of nasty nasty things to me. I do love you so!

    • We will not be kept apart! I am sorry that my anal warts are discharging mucus. Come get me! My puckered anus is all yours! Force yourself into it!

    • If I was the man who worked with you, dear, we would already be involved in a superheated affair, not just beginning one. BTW, I really love the way you use the phrase "puckered anus". I could actually feel you continually. tightening yours around my shaft as I ease myself ever deeper into your sweet sweet chocolate channel.. You are an incredible woman!! It's hard to believe you aren't married (if I understood correctly)or at least dating a married man or men. You could have ANY man/men you want!!! You are hot AF, my QUEEN!

    • My anus is like a sweet puckered kiss! Sometimes I put lipstick on it and imagine I'm giving you a blowjob with my colon.

    • My responses to you keep getting removed for some reason. Please know that I really do love you so much . . . . . inside and out. Oh baby I wanted to get in you.

    • Trying again, Lindsey: I do still want desperately to get into you. I'm sorry for embarrassing you when I tried to kiss you on the cheek when we passed each other in the hall last week. I won't try that again unless and until you say it's okay. I'd prefer coming into your office and slipping my tongue into you, first down your throat, and then . . . . up your ass. I would love for one of the older ladies to walk into your office and find me kneeling behind you (with your pants pulled down), worshiping your anus and begging you for more. I love you, my sweet darling, you and your colon. I want you doing nasty dirty things to me. You make me hungry for your insides. Oh, feed me that wonderful big ass, sweet Lindsey!! Feed it all to ME! I want to excite you. I want to make you happy. I want you to feel aroused and desired and adored. Be my colon queen! Be my baby!

    • There is one other thing I want, darling . . . . . . . . . . I wanted you to be my wife. Before that can happen, however, I will need your help ending my current marriage. That won't be complicated or difficult. When my wife sees us together, she will know immediately that we are supposed to be together, judging just by the way I look at you. There are people at our office who have already noticed that and realize that I love you. And that I BELONG to you.

    • I'm not ashamed Lindsey. And I'm not afraid. I love you and I am aching to eat your asshole! Oh my darling baby. Feed me. Hot, fresh and often.

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