My first time sucking

When i was 16 i hung out with older guys late teens early 20's one friday night we were out cruising i was in back seat of 49 merc with a 19 year old guy in the front were a 22 yr old driving and a 21 yr old shotgun, we stopped and Bill the driver bought a case of beer and we drove out into woods parked and started drinking beer after about 3 beers i think other guys were ahead of me and had been talking about all the girls they had fucked when larry the guy next to me pulled his cock out and started stroking the guys in front started doing the same they tried to coach me to do the same but i was small and embarrassed, pretty much a virgin after a while john who was in front said you should suck him off Glenn referring to Larry i said hell no but watching him actually made me hard anyway they decided that i was going to suck or walk about 15 miles home in dark woods so i tentatively started sucking him it was not long before he came shoving me down till his cock was deep in my throat and he came a lot . he then changed places with the front seat and i continued the second guy had about eight inches and gagged me somewhat but i started getting wet in my shorts and when he started moaning and his cock started bulging and twitching in my mouth i came in my shorts god he must have had a gallon of cum before we went home i sucked them all multiple times and got them off i also came in my shorts many times . they took me home and no one ever mentioned it again I think they were affraid I would say something and they would get in trouble i never did , that was many years ago and I have been married and stright all my life but i often think about that night and it still makes me wet thinking about it

1 month ago

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    • More faggot stories! Before you where a husband getting lucky with a nurse! Fake sick fag shit!

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