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My wife and I met back in college many years ago. We were young and dumb and would regularly attend swinger parties. Once we graduated though, the swinger parties stopped and we settled into a normal life with career, home, and kids.

Now that the kids are grown and out of the house, we have slowed down quite a bit. Naturally we both have put on a few extra pounds, not a lot, but enough that my wife is no longer happy with her self image. I told she she looks good, and honestly I love the fact that she now has boobs where she never had much before. I love her nice little round ass that was nonexistent before. To be totally honest, she looks healthy now, as before she was way too skinny. But non the less, she's no longer happy with her image a d has been trying to exercise more, but it's not helping.

I decided to cheer her up with a sweetheart getaway at a nice resort only three hours away. We've been there many times, and always take the rooms on the ground floor with a nice individual patio just outside the, great for relaxing.

We had spent the day shopping and dining, and had made our way to the patio for relaxation. Somehow we started discussing her weight, and no matter how much I tried to convince her she was perfect, she still kept saying no one wants her, not even me. Which is just not true.

That's when a guy about our age approached us. I assumed we had been too loud and he was going to ask us to be quiet, but instead he interjected and looking at me said 'no offense, but your wife is the most beautiful woman I have seen in awhile'.

He then turned to my wife and continued 'any man would be crazy to pass on you. I just wanted you to know that, and I'm sorry for eavesdropping'.

With that he turned and walked to the patio a couple rooms down from ours. I walked down to thank him for helping, and found out he was there alone after his wife had just left him for the same reasons.

I returned to my wife and her attitude had changed. She was more lively and wanted to go have sex. We were both a little frisky and I started talking dirty to her. Sometimes when I'm horny, I will ask her to fuck another man, but it's always just pillow talk, and sometimes she shuts it down before I get to worked up.

She seemed to be into my kinky mood that night and encouraged me to keep talking. Naturally I brought the guy we had just talked to, into the dirty talk and asked if she wanted to fuck him. She didn't say anything, so I asked again. That's when she said maybe it would be fun.

I stopped fucking her and she out on a silky house coat with nothing else on. We stepped out on the patio and sure enough he was still sitting there reading a book. My wife walked down to him while I waited on our patio. I couldn't tell what they were saying, but then I see my wife open her house coat and expose her naked body to him.

Several minutes later we were back in our room with this man between my wife's legs, with his cock deep inside her pussy. I sat in the chair and watched as he pumped her vigorously like a whore. I watched as she orgasmed time and time again. This woman who hadn't climaxed in a few years was letting loose and having a great time.

After he finished and we said our goodbyes, we returned to the bedroom where my wife rode me to another orgasm before I fucked her doggie style and finished inside her.

That night helped alot, and now she doesn't have images problems. Our sex life is back to normal and we're back to having a life again. During our swinging years, I had never watched her get fucked, but that was exciting and I'm glad we did it.

1 month ago

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    • My wife went through a faze when she couldn't get enough cock. She started going out and finding guys and going home with them. She would come home the next morning and she would be very happy. That went on for a couple of years. When she was sure that I didn't mind her fucking other guys she started bringing them back to are house. She would fuck anywhere between two or three guys a week. I've come home from work to find her riding some guys cock or sucking some guy off on are couch in the livingroom. So I have seen many guys fucking my wife over the years. It's strange at first. Knowing that she is with someone else. And he is fucking her. But when you realize that it's just sex it's all good.

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