My Sexual Fixation

Thirty-two years ago, I met a woman during a play I was rehearsing. We had two of the featured roles and started flirting and wound up eventually living together. She had a son, about twelve, and a daughter who was fifteen. Her son and I became best buds and he treated me like his dad. The daughter and I, well, it was kinda fractious, at best. She was a typical difficult teenager and we butted heads a fair bit.

We were together about three years, never married, and eventually moved together to the West Coast. Shortly after we moved, my girlfriend and I broke up but I continued to see them in our small town and wound up working with her daughter. With the faux-family relationship removed and the daughter and I working together, I began to see her as a maddening source of lust. I had always been attracted to her but viciously suppressed it because, well, one just doesn't. But as we worked together and I was no longer some sort of quasi-stepdad, she began to sorta flirt with me, which I denied was even happening at first, mainly because if I let myself believe that, I would be tempted to Do Something about it.

I began to CONSTANTLY, as in maybe ten times a week, fantasize about her and imagine taking her in every sexual position I know, watching as she sucked my cock, entering her anally, her swallowing cum, and having spine-cracking orgasms when I shot off. I saw her daily and I only handled it by sheer force of will but occasionally, after work, she would give me a neck rub and kiss me goodbye and LINGER a bit, after which I would go home and jerk off until my cock was sore. I was terrified of what would happen if I made some sort of move and she ran away, so I did nothing.

Later, I moved away and wasn't right in front of her every day but that did NOTHING to quell the urges. I moved briefly back to that small town in 1999 and saw her again, daily, and became almost certain that she was having similar thoughts. Almost...

She is still living there and I am now sixty miles away and, for the past twenty years, married to a women I love more than I ever thought I would love anyone. I would never cheat on her with anybody I ever saw, met, or imagined. But I still keep nude photos of a Polish girl who looks a LOT like the daughter and still fantasize about her at least 95% of the time I masturbate. It's not really a problem and I have no intention of ever contacting her but she still arouses me more than any other woman I have ever met or seen and while I am glad we didn't act on any of this, I wish fervently that we had sucked and fucked each other, back then.

1 month ago

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    • "She was a typical difficult teenager and we butted heads a fair bit. " That's why it's a stepdads duty to stick his head up her butt

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