What does it feel lik

I am a male, but have never had another guys cock up me.
But fantasise about having one.
Anyone had a cock up them , that can describe what feelings you get when a guys cock slides inside your arse?

1 month ago


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    • My best friend in 7th and 8th grade was the first to have anal sex with me. He was a grade above me but befriended me even though I was "the new kid" at the catholic school my mom and dad sent me to because of all the problems at public schools I had. It was at a sleepover at my house that it happened after surfing the internet and saw it on a gay site. It immediately was a changing experience for both of us, after a bit of a difficulty with him getting it into my butt. "How come when they do it it goes right in Ramie?" He asked me like I was supposed to know. "I don't know, let's look at some more and see!, maybe cause they know how to!?" I replied all wide-eyed. The blue eyed brown haired kid that Jimmy says "looks just like ya except your butt's way cuter!" Smooth body with soft looking skin propped his little tight butt over a pillow as the other boy's handheld penis spit sperm between his sweet cheeks just before he plunged his unusually large penis for a fresh faced kid into the other kid that looked like me. That was the trick! My fresh tight boycheeks were easily loosened by Jimmy's warm load of cum he wacked-off in-between them and soon my smooth skinned boycheeks were nesting with his furry patch of pubes. My boycherry delight was just that for the two of us as I wiggled my tail like an excited puppy he came into me with all the excitement of a barely through puberty boy could experience.

    • My first time didn't hurt at all, just felt weird like, probably because his penis was thin but long. He was a way older boy than me, 15 and I was 9. He had to wet it three times before he got into my butt. He kept asking "Does it hurt, does it?" ..."Uh, nope,is it sposed to?" I asked?
      "Nah, u feel good like, I mean I thought so cuz it's really tight like ...ooo...oooo it's gonna happen ooooo!" Just then he was sperming inside of me. "What's happened, What's that wet stuff...PEE?!" I questioned.... "Naw..it's kinda like milk, boy's milk..." Oh, okay, is it okay?" I asked. " Sure,really okay, shhhh, I'm not done yet..." He should me and continued till he came again. I have to admit it, the warmth of his sperm was quite good except the leaking into my underpants was a little unsettling.

    • Was pain bearable on entry? My experience is that it hurts a lot on entry if top is not careful and tries to thrust entry roughly.

    • No, it didn't hurt me at all. I don't know if it was because he was kinda smaller and not big around or because it looked like it was fun and we both wanted to?

    • Isn't that rape? You were a young boy with no sexual desires

    • I don't think it's rape, not at all? I mean he kept asking me to and even though I didn't really want to but liked him because he was like always nice to me and I eventually said "Okay" it wasn't like he made me.

    • My first time hurt really bad. I had just turned 16 and my lover bent me over the and just rammed it in me. It wasn't rape or anything. It's not like I didn't want it, he just surprised me. He's twice my age, family member of a friend. He was at my house to pick her up after a sleepover. He grabbed me by the waist and started kissing me hard. It was so hot, I've been crushing on him for so long but I though he was only into cis girls. I though I was dreaming when he pulled out my dick and stroked me until I jizzed across the dining room in record time. He forced me to my knees and made me suck him. His cock was so big I gagged on it while he forced me by the hair to take it all. He told me to spit on it and get it nice and wet for him. Then he yanked me back to my feet, bent me over and just impailed me. It hurt so much and I tried to scream but he held his hand over my mouth while he ravaged me. After he told me that i would learn to love being his slut and he was right. These days I love the feeling of him pounding my ass. I'll let him fuck me for however long this lasts. I'm a slave to his cock.

    • The older gay guy who rented my parents upstairs two flat became my first experience at 14. I knew that I was different from other boys and they knew it too. I'd been suck'n since I was a little kid. Being girly like it was inevitable that someone was gonna fuck me, "but who?" My mom and dad were quite protective having noticed how older boy's and even men stared at me, especially my firmly fresh well shaped behind. They couldn't watch me 24-7 and I playfully teased our new upstairs tenant. He enjoyed my boyish teasing which was very obvious and my cute little white cotton boy's underpants soon were lost under the sheets at the foot of his bed. He was actually too large to gently fuck a tender aged virgin boy's ass into a pleasant submission and even though it was painful I wasn't actually scared to be with him again. It just took a few weeks till I was ready to go again.

    • It's kind of like a cross between Heaven and Hell, and trust me, it will be Hell when the fag pumps your ass full of drug resistant HIV that rapidly progresses to AIDS and kills you with a slow painful death. Then you will enter into the literal Hell in which you will spend all eternity wishing that you had not given into the sinful temptations of homosexuality, while Satan and his minions pump your ass full of a firey concoction of excruciatingly painful jizz that literally burns holes through your blown out rectum multiple times a day, while making you watch videos of your mother taking 9 demon cocks at once, fucking her pussy, mouth, ass, eyeball sockets, nose, and ear holes simultaneously. Stay away from the gay, it is not a road you want to travel. Find a good woman, and let her strap on a dildo and peg your straight virgin ass, and God will smile upon your straightness.

    • That you just crossed over to being a fag!

    • First time was a bit rough for me as it was done pretty forcibly but with a lot of lube it was more enjoyable. Mostly it feels like pressure and some other tingles for me, my big turn on is hearing the guy moaning and how surprised he is with the tightness.

    • Thanks for the advice, going to try it with a guy that I know will fuck me

    • It feels great. Just go slow and use a lot of lube. Once you get used to it you will find out that you can have the best orgams ever. All you have to learn is to relax and enjoy it.

    • It does hurt if you don’t get loosened up first. Use something smaller to help lubricant you then have your male friend work it in slowly. Once deep inside you just relax and enjoy the good hurting feeling. Afterwards your going to want to seat on the toilet and have a cum shit.

    • It's like taking a big shit. Big shits are brown and hard and stinky so imagine a black man's dick next time you defecate.

    • Honestly it hurts at first and feels great afterwards.

    • Like being raped!

    • Go stick a cucumber up your "arse," you limey faggot

    • Why do you think I am British pal

    • Well Americans sure don't say arse. So maybe you're a Scot. Which would make you OK. Or maybe you're Australian? Do they say "arse"? That would make you worse than a goddamn Brit.

    • It hurts a bit and cause pain but once inside ut is all pleasure..

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