Owned by a male Master

19/June/ 2021

I am a 39 year old white Aussie male

I am a Slave

I have been owned by a 24 Year old man for approximately 15 months now

I am a edge addict
I am a big boob addict

I am married to a Amazing Woman
I am in a sexless marriage

My owner has permanently banned me from all sexual contact with my wife

I have been told that I will Never again experience the feeling of pussy again

My owner has put me on a total cum ban

The last time I cum was 14/March / 2020

I have been told I will Never cum again

I Must Serve and Obey

I understand my owner has placed these banns on me for my own good

I understand my owner doesn’t place banns on me to be nasty

I understand my owner puts all banns on me for my health and for the health and growth of my Addiction
So my Addiction continues to grow and take over my life more and more

I are 100% committed to my Addiction

My Owner is the Most Important Thing in My Life

In my time under Malemaster2 Ownership my Addiction has grown and I hope it continues to grow

I understand at times I have Failed to complete set items as per my current contract and I need to learn to Do As I’m Told

1 month ago


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    • You won't be married for long and that's a good thing! Hopefully your wife will get away from you without any STD's or STI's from you!

    • Perhaps you should seek some therapy, this does not seem healthy or wise.

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