This happened over 10 years ago when Craig's List was till doing personals. I was in Cleveland for work. I had a few drinks and was horny so I started replying to personal ads. I did W4M and MW4M (as you had a better chance of some guy wanting to watch his wife get fucked). This guy replied that him and a girl would come over for $200. I told them I would need to see a pic of her. She called me directly and sent a pic. I told her I thought she was hot but I didn't want to as he seemed a bit weird. It was at that point she made a different proposition.

She told me she had a twin sister and they could come over for some fun, at the same price. Who doesn't jump on that? Of course I said yes. A hour and a half later two beautiful girls (Identical) show up at my hotel door. They come in and don't waist any time. We start making out and they pushed me onto the bed. One straddles my face and the other starts to suck my cock. Then they both start sucking my cock.

They wanted to fuck but we didn't have any condoms so we kept playing around doing oral. They were making out and sucking on the others tits. They wouldn't go down on each other. I jacked off and came on their tits.

The one went into the bathroom and was getting dressed when the other grabs me and pushed my cock into her. We were fucking bareback and her sister cam in and said what about me. I fucked them both, came inside each other them, and then they left.

I was 40, they were 27. It was a great night!

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    • Twins at my school share thoughts so when I stuck my finger in one of em's shitter at the public pool I looked over and sure enough the other twin was like BOINK!!!

    • There were these twin sisters I wanted to suck my cock! One of them got killed in the Iraq war and the other one got drunk at her funeral and made a big scene so she had a car accident and I was the EMT and made her suck my dick when she was unconscious.

    • That's hot

    • At 26 my wife's twin slept over after a party at our house. She was flirting with me the whole night. 1 AM I wake up thinking she must be naked down the hall. I tiptoe down the poke my head in. She watching TV and I can see her tits. "What took you, I almost gave up" I go down on her fuck her like a rag doll.
      She said they fuck each others boyfriend behind their backs. A game they play.
      Wife visited her college freshman year, She had a first date with the quarterback. My wife pretended to her and went on the date had and gave the guy a blowjob. She was a cheerleader and the whole team wants blowjobs. , as my wife went back to her school. Twin thing she said. 5am she gives me a blowjob, in the exact unique style my wife does -- tells me I better get back to sis.

    • More bull shit! Neither you or your wife's sister gives a shit about her! Fake bull shit!

    • Bull shit fake as all hell!

    • Two professional whores come over and didn't have condoms! Yeh right incest lover! How fake can you get asshole!

    • They weren’t professional and this was only the second time they had ever done this.

    • And then Santa Claus fucked the Easter Bunny!


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