K9 Fantasy to Fact

This is a collection of spontaneous real events amalgamated into a story. I figure it's more fun to read that way. I'm a male.

When I was 15, I was doing laundry in the garage, which was right next to my bedroom, late at night after my parents went to bed. There was a torrential rainstorm, so we let my dog, which was a large male, stay in the garage.

I had been feeling horny, but wasn't going out because of the rain. I hadn't been with another male, but was wishing it could happen at least once in life.

The dog had tried to hump me before, and had mated our bitch before we gave her away. They were from the same litter, and were still young, about a year old.

Suddenly, I decided this was our big chance to experiment together, so I dropped my shorts, and got on all fours on a towel. He seemed interested, but not sure how to stick it in me, so I guided him. In less than a second, he was completely inside, knot and all. I wasn't sure what to do next, except wait. He eventually popped out of my sphincter, and yes, this being my first time, it hurt like hell. But it also turned me on beyond belief. So a couple of days later, I told my folks I was too sick to go to school, and stayed home while they went to work, just so I could have the whole day alone with my dog. I brought him into my bedroom, and did the same thing. He didn't need guiding this time, and I knew to keep his knot inside me until he finished. I really enjoyed the pulsating and pressure all his knot and loads of cum put on my innards while we were tied like that.

After that, there was so much cum in my rectum, and probably in my guts, that I had diarrhea the whole day. But still, I was so turned on and pleased that I liked even that part. I was pretty much pure cum, and smelled like cum. This made me start thinking that if I ever got with a man, I would ask him to piss inside me, so I could get the same feeling.

This continued until I went to college.

During college, I worked as a security guard at a local seedy night club. The police were called rather often. I stayed standing outside, unless the owner needed me to come in and ask someone to leave. There was one male cop who came to a call, but stayed in his car while talking to me about the issue. The actual trouble makers had just left, so he didn't need to do anything. I could tell he was looking me over, but I thought he was checking me out to see what kind of guard I was.

Usually the police would leave right away after clearing the problem, but this one stayed and talked to me for a few minutes. I asked about the cool computer in his patrol car, and stuff. He was fun to talk to. But then he said he had to go. After meeting me, he would stop by periodically and talk to me. He stayed in his car, while I stood outside his driver side window. Eventually, I realized he wasn't just checking me out as a professional, but was interested in me. I was interested in him as well, but shy about really asking about it, since I had never been involved with a man, and had no idea how to approach the subject. And I lived in a dorm, so asking him over was out of the question.

So, for two years, we just continued like this, he would drive by, we would talk and look each other over, make some sensual eye contact, then I would go back to the dorm and almost go crazy fantasizing about him.

After college, I got an apartment in a town near the club where I worked, and got a day job, but stayed working at the club, for the money. Then, since I had my own place, I decided it was time to make a move, and invite the cop over. So the next time I saw him, I told him the good news, about graduating, and told him I had my own place. He smiled, and gave me a look, while looking me over with a lustful eye that almost made me melt on the spot.

"I'm off at 11:30, and home by 11:45."
"I can be there just after midnight."
"OK, here's my phone number. Call me, and I'll open the door, so you won't have to knock."

I got home at about a quarter to midnight, took a quick shower, and got into my underwear and a bathrobe. He called me at about 12:05. My heart was pounding. I was nervous, but my goal-oriented desires kept me functional to open the door and wait for him to come up the stairs and walk in. I again almost melted when I saw him. He had a loosely rolled newspaper in his hand. I looked at it curiously, then he reached in the top of the roll and pulled a single red rose out and gave it to me. It was amazingly fragrant, so fresh from a bush.

"Mmmm... I like it!"

We giggled together. He was wearing gym sweatpants, and a big T. Not the sexy uniform, but I had been fantasizing about seeing him naked, so I didn't care. My hormones were surging, my ass pulsating, my groin felt hot with adrenalin, and I was really melting. Then it hit me. My guts were opening up for him.

"I need to use the restroom!"
"I"ll go with you."
"Sure. I want to be with you."
"Oh... OK."

I needed to hurry. I let the robe slip off on the floor by the restroom door, then turned around and dropped my underwear to my ankles so I could sit on the commode. He sat beside me on the side of the tub, and stroked my thigh. I voided everything that there was to void. He stayed beside, stroking my thighs for a bit, then my penis, then my chest and nipples, and smiling with such a look of lust and satisfaction that we could finally be together.

When it was clear that I was empty, he reached across me a got a wet-wipe and handed it to me. I used it, then dropped it in the commode. Then he got me another, until I was clean. Then I flushed.

As I got up to wash my hands, he used a finger to guide my underwear over my feet so I was completely naked, as I walked to the sink to wash my hands. He came up behind me and kissed me on the neck, hands wandering all over my body. I dried my hands, then turned around, and we shared the most passionate kiss I had ever felt. I think fantasizing about something for so long really heightened the intensity.

I reached down and stroked his penis through his sweats. I could hardly breathe. It was something like moaning and purring at the same time. He took my hand, like a boyfriend, and led me to my bed. I sat down, and he sat beside me and took his shirt off. Then he started kissing me again, and then bent down and kissed the head of my penis. I was so hard, it was hurting.

"Lie down," he said. So I did. And he went down on me, sucking in a way that felt wonderful, massaging my shaft with his tongue when his mouth was all the way over my penis, the circling the head when he came up. I was moaning despite myself. I came in his mouth, and he swallowed everything, and kept sucking. I was running my fingers through his hair as the pleasure drained me.

Then he ran his tong under my scrotum, and cupped my thighs from underneath, and tried to tease them apart. But I just was frozen. I knew I wanted him inside me, but I had never done this before, so I didn't know what to do next. Then he went ahead and started lifting my thighs up, with his hands under my knees. Then I understood, and spread my legs, and held them apart with my hands while he licked under my scrotum, and let spit drop onto his fingers, which he then slowly massaged into my anal opening.

With two fingers inside me, he came up and started kissing me again. I reached down and felt his penis, which was fully hard. Then I reached under his sweats and touched the real thing. I was finally touching a man's penis, and was about to feel it inside me. I could feel and hear myself whining with desire. My sphincter was throbbing.

"I want it in me!"
I pushed his sweats down over his hips. He did the rest and slipped out of them. He spat in his hand and wet the head of his penis.Then hovered over my body while positioning himself to enter me. When he first pushed, I felt a sharp pain. He stopped and put more spit on his fingers, put them inside me, and massaged around, and stretched me out some more, gently. Then he put more spit on the head of his penis and tried again. I pushed against it with my sphincter as he pushed in. I felt the pain again, but not as bad. Then came that huge hormonal rush when the head slipped past the sphincter muscle, and was free to go all the way into my rectum. My whole body was awash in pleasure. And satisfaction for finally getting this fantasy into reality.

He made love to me for several minutes, and then finally started moaning himself. He pushed in deep, and froze. I could feel his penis throbbing inside me. I held him close as he came inside me. Then he started pumping, slowly. I was a lot wetter now, and very slippery inside. It made me feel like I had achieved something incredible, making him orgasm in my body. He stayed inside me for a little while longer, while we kissed, before he eventually slid out.

We were together about two hours that night. Then he got his clothes back on, and left. We decided that when he was going to be available, he would stop by the club and ask my plans. We continued like this for a year, before our romance went to the next level.

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