Co-Worker JO

I’m 50 yo male. A co-worker of mine (56 yo male) and I started chatting a lot online and would send links to each other when we would find some exceptional porn. He sent me some pretty outrageous stuff but he told me he had even better pics and clips he kept on his CDs and if I ever wanted to see it, he would bring it to my house for us to watch together. I invited him over a few days later as my wife was out of town. He showed up with the CDs in hand so we went down to the den with a few cold beers and popped them in. He definitely brought the good stuff. It wasn’t long before my cock was hard and I knew it needed some relief. I looked over at my friend and he had his pants unbuckled and his hand in his underwear rubbing himself. So I thought what the hell and did the same. He then pushed his pants down and pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it. Again I followed suit. As we sat there watching porn and stroking I had an urge to feel his cock in my hand. So I moved over next to him and grabbed a hold
if it. This was my first time and it felt strange but good. He moved his hand to my cock and started stroking me as well. It wasn’t king before he shot a huge load on his belly and my hand. After he recovered, he continued stroking me until I did the same thing. That’s as far as we took it that day but now I find myself fantasizing about doing other things with him.

Mar 13


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    • Apart from the obvious cheating it sounded like a fun afternoon and a good way to start to explore your bisexuality. Won’t be kind before you have his hard cock sliding between your lips and you are guzzling his cum. You will become aDICKted

    • I just stroked my first one too. I’m 51 and in Ohio. Where are you at?

    • Eat his asshole

    • And get pinkeye! JK clean it good first. I always use an enema and then a douche to get clean for anal cunnlings. Take my word, clean it first! I got a horrible case of pink eye eating my friends ass. It seemed clean!

    • I love eating ass because of the faint hint of shit even after a good cleaning. The pheromones and just the thought of having my face covered in asshole gets me off . I’m jacking my cock as I type this just thinking about tongue fucking my girls hairy asshole . She’s not home now so I’m gonna sniff her dirty panties to smell her cunt and asshole

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