Too late to Lactate?

My wife and i have a breast feeding kink. Is there anyway we can induce lactation without pregnancy etc? I've read online that you have to suck every 2 hours, even through the night for many months. This is impossible she works 6am-3pm and i work 2pm-10pm. We live in the Uk so not sure on medication? Thanks in advance.

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  • There are several different medications that will induce milk production. Check with you doctor and see what he or she recommends.

  • I love sucking my wife's milk filled boobs but to her its a turn off. Nothing better than latching on and feeling the milk flow while I'm balls deep in her.

  • Im so jealous!

  • Get a breast pump

  • Thank you will look into it.

  • Wish i could help you but i have no idea. Eish you all the best.

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