Mesmerized Femboy

I have completely fell in love with erotic hypnosis.

Putting on a audio, and just sinking into my seat.

Its so calming, relaxing. I keep coming back, and it feels better every time~

The deeper i go the better i feel, and this lovely soft voice puts me under a sweet sweet trance~

I obey like a good boy, and it rewards me~

I keep going deeper, deeper into the pleasure~

I cant stop its too much. It makes me feel like nothing else, completely submitting my mind to a kind lady~
I twitch and squirm as the waves of pleasure keep increasing, more and more~

And the Triggers! oh my gosh every time she snaps, my dick twitches up so hard! The calming chanting and subliminals relax me and put me into the most aroused state i have ever been in, she just snaps her fingers and i twitch~

God I love it soooo muchhh~ I dont even cum I dont need to, the pleasure is just a million times better than cumming!!!!!

I dont want to ever cum just more snaps, more counting down, more trance, deeper, deeper, more pleasure~

i have found my place, in trance~

1 month ago


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    • Same person who post stank smellyboy

    • Enjoy

    • I did that recently with some audio tapes of my uncle's. Reel-to-reel stuff marked "MK-Ultra." After a couple relaxing tapes I felt the overwhelming urge to go out and assassinate someone named Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka, whoever the hell that is.

    • Sounds hot how do you do it i would like to try it

    • Just a audio file, you can find good ones on the internet.

    • I s it a reading where do I find it ???

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