I've never Cheated before today.

In all our 34 years of marriage I've never cheated or even strayed a little on my wife. Well today that all changed, and for some reason I don't have any remorse or guilt, just a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It all started early this morning. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I have the day off. However my wife had to work, she woke me up and handed me a list of things she still needed yet for thanksgiving dinner, and ask me to pick them up. I didn't have a problem with this, because I was going to the local farm & tractor store anyway. I needed to get a new pair of barn boots, and a new tank heater.
Well I decided to get her stuff at the grocery store first, because I generally lose track of time when I get in the farm store. Luckily for me they are both in the same plaza. Groceries in the truck, headed for the Farm & Tractor store. Once inside found my tank heater, then headed over to the work boot and clothing area. I'm sitting trying on boots when a here a voice ask, "Finding everything okay?". As I looked up, I was eye level with the biggest fattest camel toe in super tight blue jeans I've ever had the pleasure of looking at. Not to mention the nice round ass, tight tee shirt, and cowboy boots. I knew she was talking to me, but all I was hearing was bla bla bla, even started to image her pussy lips were moving to her words. Until I felt her touch my shoulder, and ask if I was okay. Finally being sble to break my focus off her camel toe, ass and belly, I looked her in the face, and said I was fine.
Then I started tell her I was sorry for starring. She said it was fine, she took it as a compliment, I still felt embarrassed. She said here name was Beth, and to give her a shout if I needed anything. Well I waited for Beth to be at her cash register and got in her lane. Started with some small talk, then just blurted it out, asking her what time she got off, and if she wanted to get a drink. Beth's reply knocked my socks off, "My shift ends at noon today, would love to get a drink, as for what time I'm getting off, well thats up to you sir".
I left, drove home dropped off the groceries, then headed back to the farm store. Just in time to catch Beth walking out, I waved to her, Beth walked up to my truck and said to meet her at the Backdoor Saloon.
After about 3 or 4 drinks and hours I was thinking I needed to home before my wife. But just then she called my cell telling me, due to call ins, she was being forced into working a double shift. Beth and I ended up going back to her apartment. I believe that we had all of out clothes off before her apartment door closed completely. I looked at my watch, I had 7 hours before my wife would be home, and I was going to make the most of it.
Started kissing & sucking on her firm breasts, before working my way down and parting her somewhat hairy pussy lips and shoving my tongue up it as far as I could. After getting her off twice with tongue I worked my way back up to firm breasts, while sliding my cock into her pussy.
It was so warm and tight, not lose and sloppy like my wifes. Which is to be expected considering my wife is in her early 50's and has given birth to 6 children. Well anyways we fucked for what seamed like hours, with several minutes of break in between. I don't know how many times I blew my load inside her pussy, but I know at least once was in her ass. Never did ask Beth if she was on any type of birth control.
With a little over an hour before my wife was to be home, I said, I had to leave, but would love to do it all again. Beth said I knew where to find her, tben said she really enjoyed fucking someone old enough to be her father. She said I had a lot more staying power then guys her age.
I made it home in time to shower and have supper started buy the time my wife got home. We ate, she took a bath, then we went to bed, and had some of the wildest sex we'd had in years.
Now I'm setting here typing this on my laptop, while my wonderful beautiful wife lays sleeping next to me, with some really mixed feelings.


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  • It happens ... forgive yourself and get on with life.

  • Well ok cowboy don't worry about it. So you had some fun with a nice lady and maybe you are feeling a little guilty. Your guilt is normal , and so is your afternoon of fun. Most of us married people fool around. I do and so does my wife. We never talk about it nor do we confess our little affairs. That's how we get through life. My advise is to enjoy it and move on, good luck.

  • Nothing wrong with what you did. If I were you I'd keep that little honey satisfied and happy on the side for awhile. Keep making those trips to the local farm store a couple time a week.
    I've been married to the same wonderful loving man for 23 years. As great as our friendship, and marriage is, our sex life blows. I love my husband dearly, but I have got to have full blown sex at least 3 times a week. So for the last 12 years I've had my self a few young "Boy Toys". I find men (boys) ages 18 to 20. Have wild sex with them for 6 to 8 months, then tods the to the curb and go find another.

  • You said that you and your wife had some of the wildest sex in years that night. To me sounds like you had some awesome "Guilt Sex" with your wife. Which is good, rates right up there with, "Make Up Sex", "Revenge Sex", "Grudge Fucking". Which is a whole lot better then just "Taking one for the team".

  • Just imagine it's Beth when you're fucking your wife.

  • Yep I agree I think about my wife older sister when we fuck.

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