Am a alone on this

Interested in what percentage of people on this site ( guys) get really turned on thinking about their wife’s previous lovers.
I get so hard thinking about them getting her naked, playing with her tits and then getting between her thighs, before giving her a good fucking.
All the different types of cock that have been inside her.
Them forever knowing they have conquered her!

1 month ago

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    • I masturbate to that as well

    • You are not alone! I think about my wife's previous boyfriends getting between her legs and her guiding their dicks into her just as she does mine. I picture her coming as they fuck her and them coming inside her. My wife tells me that my seven inches is the shortest cock that has fucked her and I think about their cocks being deeper inside her than mine will ever be.

    • You are alone on this.

    • Have tried to get my wife to talk, but she doesn’t say much. Best story was about her and her best friend fooling around with a couple guys in a camper back in high school. While her friend fucked her date, my wife sucked the other guy’s cock. Got him to cum. I asked where he came, “He came on my boobs,” my wife said. Then he finger banged my wife. All while he friend got fucked doggy style five feet away. The other guy watched everything my wife did. They did that a couple nights a week, all summer

    • I do more than fantasize about it , i get mine so drunk she passes out. Then leave her in a situation that things happen.

    • I fantasize about my wife fucking other men. Oh, I've asked her to do it for real, but she is very conservative and has made it clear that will never happen. Sometimes I fantasize about her visiting her exhusband while I'm at work. We been married for 26 years and she has never given me reason to suspect her of screwing around, so I'm pretty sure she's not visiting him.

    • Your yjrcomliy one
      Yes it

    • I'm almost the exact opposite. I love meeting men who's wife's I've fucked in the past lol.

    • You seem to be the only one! You write so many stories about that! Don't say they aren't yours!
      Someones past is that! The past! It can't be changed and you can only change to future!
      If any sex was to worry about their mates past it would be females. Just look at all the stories that men supposedly did! Most are fake but some are real!
      Just be happy you have a wife who loves you and love her back.

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