Worried my father is trying to sabotage our holiday

I will cancel all tickets for the cruise soon and then no one will go at all and i will get a refund claiming illness or something, we never been on a real holiday being so poor. and this dirty stinky kenfoe yobbo slob yellow raincoat wants to spoil our holiday just because he can't deal with the fact that he raped me and my father hates him and so does my mother and sister and if he is going to imply threats I will report him again and tell all my doctors he is getting people to abuse/torture me again. his spastic wife who wanted the open marriage so she could fuck gays openly while her spastic little midget man with a small dick was off at sea in the navie, as a navie, like she needs to learn to be told the truth about her spastic husband and what a dirty rapist he is. she is not the victim and also, he keeps trying to imply i caused sept/11 terrorist attacks and I didn't at all. and when i said "i take all the blame for being abused as a child of 4" that was sarcasm not real and my doctor knows that. never said i was responsible for war or rape or someone else death or injury. like bp said he wanted to harm jas but i said don't, yeh i wish he had or someone else had but the point is, i didn't ask. and that bitch shirley girl 6 the child of 6 she was a bitch to me. naturally i needed to vent to someone. when you don't have a person who understands all the wizardry games of thick bums like kenfoe right. you need to tell your side of the story to the world. if ken keeps threatening us we are not going on the holiday and i get refund of all money.

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  • What mess goes on in the mind of some of the people that post

  • Not a clue what to say to this hard reading

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