I will not wear heels in my sister's wedding!

For my birthday, my mom bought me an expensive pair of Christian Louboutin Rose Amelie Ankle Wrap Sandal heels to wear at my sister's wedding.
I am not going to wear them!
I told my sister 'BrideZilla' that I'm wearing flipflops with my dress and she can deal with it.
Mom's on her side!
They're expensive and I can't return them.

3 months ago

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    • I bet the shoes are size 13EEE!

    • So here is the thing. It is your sisters wedding, you wear what she wants you to wear and be done with it. My sister picked dresses that were strapless, I am much larger in the chest than she is and I put up with a day of wire support digging into my ribs and peeling two sided tape off of my boobs. I never wear strapless dresses because I think I look terrible in them but I did it because that is what she wanted for her wedding.

    • That's my point! You CHOSE do go through all of that! Why should I HAVE to do something I don't want to do.
      I vented to my professor. She totally agreed and said why do people think they can use old traditions to force other people to things they don’t want to do. She advised me to ‘do what I want to do even if it makes them mad.’ She told me to 'stand firm, do not conform to the norm and resist'. She said I need to refuse to be in the wedding unless they change my title to “Sister of the Bride” NOT “Maid of Honor”. She said I can help change the world.
      I did. Now Bridezilla doesn’t want me in the wedding and her ‘Maid of Honor’ is now her BFF.
      I couldn’t be happier!

    • You better hope you never need a kidney! Because your sister will remember and CHOSE not to give you one! Snowflake!

    • That's a cruel thing to day! Someone could DIE without a kidney! I believe in LOVE and I would give my sister a kidney to LIVE!
      I'm not going to 'conform to the norm' with ancient traditions that impact other people's lives! My professor taught me to resist and defy silly traditions! She also said marriage is an 'old & outdated' system of male dominance. We as women need not depend on a man or marry a man! My professor has her doctorate and has been published in magazines so she knows more than YOU!

    • Your professor is probably younger then me! She also probably did not want to argue with a snowflake! You would give your sister a kidney but not wear a pair of shoes for her because she asked you to? Wow unbelievable!
      You believe in love! But you won't wear a pair of shoes for half a day for your sister wedding you supposedly love!

      One stupid pair of shoes and you fucking lose it!
      Brides pick out the bridesmaids dresses and shoes. Grooms pick out the color and style of the tuxedos for the best man and groomsmen! I admit that some of those dresses where hideous and ugly! But the ladies who wore them did it for the bride! You won't go with what she wanted for a half a day you spoiled bitch! After the intros at the reception, You can change the shoes because then it's party time!

      Get this! As you go through life there will be things that pop-up in life that makes wearing those shoes look like a walk in the park! Life sometimes hands you a shit burger that everyone has to eat! And those shoes are a nibble of that shit burger! And if you can't handle those shoes then you are in for a rough and hard life!

      Get over it and apologize to your sister for making her wedding day a little more harder then it already is! See if she will let you be back in your place in the wedding and for once think of what you are doing to help make the best day in her life better, then yourself!

      As for your professor if she can't see how self-centered and how childish you are being! Then she is a moron!

    • YES!!! Just because she has an advanced degree in some obscure subject (buttfuckery) doesn't make her a shitspewing expert in ANYTHING else. Don't listen to her: please, please, PLEASE do what mom and sis are asking, which is a very, very small thing, but important within the family and for its unity. You can still keep up your silly pointless pretense of being the edgy, maverick hwasn't worth the effort. Making your family happy (or just maintaining the peace) is ALWAYS worth whatever sacrifice you make. You will never EVER be proud to say "I hurt my sister so I could wear flip-flops instead of brand-new Louboutins in her wedding." You will always regret doing that. And she and your mother will never forget how self-centered you were. It will be the story that's always told at family gatherings . . . whenever you aren't there. You will become the family symbol of stubbornness and stupidity. They will all laugh behind your back. Forever. So sad.

    • I already donated the shoes to a local non profit. The director told me they were her size and she'd make sure they sold for a high price. BTW: The brand Louboutin is an example of what's wrong with society. Mom said she paid $800 for those shoes. OMG WTF! They are shoes. Crocs or flip flops are all we need in this world.
      I moved out and I'm living with some friends. My dad is being a typical male a$$. He stopped loading my debit account and I'm waiting for approval for my student loans so I can pay bills. He's tried texting me but I blocked his sorry a$$. F*** HIM! He's the problem!
      I had to block mom. She insists we all become a family. I don't want hear that S**T! I know they just want me to wear a dress and come to the wedding! They are spending too much on that wedding.
      My sister has tried calling me but I refuse to listen to her B**h mouth. F**k her too! She started it by wanting to marry a man!

    • What does my professor's age have anything to do with this?
      She has her PHD and has been published in a magazine.
      Therefore, I think she knows more than YOU!
      Mom and sis got Dad involved. He told me I've changed since I started college. I told him he's just intimidated by a strong educated empowered females and can't deal with it. I told him he's the problem with this world and my generation is going to resist and fix it.
      He threatened to stop paying my tuition next semester and is going to make me get my own cell plan.
      I messaged my professor, she said he can't do that, I'm entitled to my education and I can take him to court.
      My sister's wedding is in 3 weeks and no one is speaking to me.
      My sister wants me to attend but is begging me not to make a scene. I told her I will not be part of a useless tradition and I will never conform to her demands, therefore, I will not attend.
      Mom stopped talking to me and asked me to move out.
      Dad told me to grow up and get a 'real job'. I told him to F-off and help from a MAN!!

    • You are one bat SH*T Crazy B*T*H!
      You don't want help from a MAN! However, you feel entitled that your dad is to pay for school.
      You're an adult, move out and support yourself.

    • Mmm maybe someone will come on your toes

    • Get over yourself you self indulgent brat, It's your sisters wedding and if you don't want to go along with HER wedding plans. Then be the uncaring brat and don't go. My guess you won't be missed at all and it will make it a much better event.

    • Fuckin' bridezilla! You should go to the wedding with a baseball bat and just swing it as hard as you can right at your sister's face just as she's about to say I do. Teeth and gore will splatter everywhere and then you can grab your cunt and yell "suck my dick motherfuckers!" Then it will be a wedding to remember.

    • Just stay away from the wedding. That will make a far bigger statement about how rebellious and selfish and impolite and thoughtless and rude and egocentric and crass --- and "above it all" --- you are than any footwear possibly ever could. Now, IF, with the flip flops, you planned to wear a pair of frayed jean cutoffs and a tube top, it's all good.

    • You missed the part where it's your SISTER getting married, not you.

    • PLEASE tell us you aren't seriously considering wearing flip-flops with a bridesmaid's dress. Especially when something new -- and wonderful -- is so readily available to you. You can't be that ignorant. Or confused. Or stubborn. Or meanspirited. Or stupid. Or all of the above. You just simply CAN'T be.

    • It will be funny when no-one comes to your wedding because you're such a selfish cunt.

      Oh wait, you're never going to get married. Because of all the selfish cunt-being and all.

    • Please to wear something that hide your hammertoes, your calloused heels and the stank nasty soles of your feet. Doc Martens would work.

    • If you are a female, then please get over yourself and do your sister and your mother the simple favor of honoring their humble wishes for a very small portion of ONE DAY out of your entire life. Keep in mind: you are just not important enough to impose your will in every situation.
      On the other hand, if you're a male, and if you have ever written here or elsewhere before about those filthy fucking flip-flops, then please feel free to not attend the wedding. (Honestly, nobody really wants you there anyway.) And while you're not at the wedding, please, please, PLEASE . . . . . . EAT SHIT AND DIE, you retarded, self-centered faggot!!! Keep in mind: you are a turd in a punch bowl --- something that ruins EVERYthing around it --- and NOBODY (in your family or otherwise) actually cares what you THINK or how you FEEL or what you WANT. They accommodate you when they must, but they don't CARE, nor should they. Your twisted and sick perversions don't give you the right to control and diminish other lives. Grow the fuck up. #verysickfuck#

    • Pussy! Wear the damm things! Megan Markle would!!

    • Agree!

    • YES, she surely would!!!

    • Let that always be our guiding principle: "What Would Megan Do?"

    • If Jeffrey Epstein had lived a little longer, Meghan could have become one of his girls and been given the chance to fog Price Andrew. Except she too damn old!!

    • Andrew fogs school boys, that’s well known.

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