Mother in law panties

One time for summer I was staying at my girlfriends house because we had a good relationship so I would just stay there and when they would all leave and after the mom would go to work I would make sure everyone left the house I would check the garage and all the windows when I knew they left I would go to my girlfriends moms room and go threw her dirty hamper and sniff all her dirty thongs and her panties and bras I would rap some around my dick and maturbate and have two more dirty ones in my hand I used to cum in her clean panties so when she would put them on they had my dry cum in them for her to wear she is the best mother in law or will be soon I can have I even grope her she gropes me back and I push her she slaps my butt so I slap her thigh one day imma slap her butt back

4 months ago

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    • Eat her asshole and have her eat yours

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