What do you think would happen if i do it in real life?

Do you think children and teenagers would point at me and laugh at me? would they mock me? would they photograph and film my exhibition naked in public? would they try to hurt me physically? would you call the police? would the boys put their dicks out of their pants and send me to suck all of them? would they try to kick or grab my balls or penis or both? would they try to forcefully masturbate me until I ejaculate? or would something else happen? you can choose as many alternatives as you want and add others, in addition to being able to put only your alternative created by you reader.
analyze and answer: I, a 21 year old man, arrive in front of a school full of students between 7 and 15 years of age and park the car and then I remove every piece of clothing I have until nothing is left and I am completely naked, with the penis getting harder and harder, at the time the signal sounds, I announce the end of school activities that day and all the students at the school start to get out I get out of the car naked and now with my penis totally hard, pointing upwards, with the foreskin fully retracted by my hands and leaving the red glans totally naked and exposed. I start walking towards all the children and teenagers at school and my hard penis continues to lead the way, after a short time they notice my approach and now they can all see me, a naked man with a hard penis approaching, so I stop at a distance of 15 meters from the boys and spread my legs as wide as possible, raise both arms until I put both hands behind the back of my neck. now all the students have left school and are close enough to me to be able to see my naked body in every detail very well, especially my penis which is hard, with the red glans totally naked and exposed revealing an accumulation of cheese (smegma ) around the glans and on the tip of my penis where the piss comes out it is dripping very pre cum, maybe it is even involuntary cum and all children and teenagers can already see it.

3 months ago

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    • You’d get tackled, tased, or shot by the SRO before you could even manage to unbuckle your belt. That or you’d run away as soon as someone said “hey you!” Odds of you getting within 100 yards of the main entrance are honestly pretty slim

    • You will go to jail.
      You will go to hell.

    • Those young men will be so excited and entranced they will wrap their lips around you and suck until you come harder then you ever have, THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. You should do this tomorrow.

    • You will end up in jail! Then prison and having to register as a sexual offender for the rest of your life!

    • ^All totally true!!^ DON'T DO IT!!! Please don't waste your entire life! You're too young to go to jail!!!!!!!!!
      If you won't consider your own life, please think of your parents and then rest of your family: they would NEVER got ever it or be able to absorb it and move on. Never. Please don't do this to them!!!!!

    • Meh, OP’s family would probably enjoy a little peace and quiet for however long OP’s sentence would be. Only problem is, OP is also going through an acute mental health crisis, and cops do not deal well with people who are mentally ill.

    • Do you think you would be affected if your friends and neighbors knew your brother or son was a CHOMO in prison? If you say no guess again!

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