I was broken hearted when my wife left me and took me long time to get over it . out one night i bumped into amanda a girl i knew growing up with her boyfriend . he was bit abusive to her and i offered to take her home . we left and i went back to her house . we chatted for a bit then we shared a kiss . soon i was undressing her slowly . sucking on her nipples making them rock hard . my hands exploring her body pulling her panties to the side fingering her . her moans turning me on . i soon spread her legs wide n buried my head into her pussy licking her . wanting her more n more . her juices ran into my mouth . . i slid my cock inside her deep n it felt so good inside her . she wrapped her legs around me n my fucking her stopped . we both started to make love to eachother i pulled her in n she told me make me pregnant turning me on i pumped my love into her . then i exploded . that was start of our love story . amanda soon got pregnant for me and now i fill her with my juices everyday

4 months ago

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    • My stove was molested

      I thought my floor was leaning. I thought my thrift store special pots were not level. It was none of the above. My stove top heat elements or burners were stolen they were brand new. Replaced with not general electric brand elements that did not fit properly. Cook top burners or heat elements make a meal cook properly. This thief deserves a summary judgement "gallop pole" hanging. who created a new low. Argh my food am laughing this person is wrong for that. May he or she find happiness and good eating with the stolen range top heat elements.

    • This is Johnathan Smith again. Last night I was outside the Jackster's house on Linden again cranking up the Night Ranger because I know that's what she likes. Apparently she told the police that if there's a hearse on the street they should arrest me, so I had to rent a stupid car at the stupid Hertz place on Broad St. Since I have to carry corpses in my car for work this time I had one sitting in the passenger seat. After I spunked on her garden gnome I went to the Chick-Fil-A on Old Fort Parkway and the girl screamed when she saw the decomposed corpse of the old woman sitting next to me. Life sure gets complicated

    • I'm male, 45 and divorced for over a year. I joined a local singles club, monthly social meetings etc. After a couple of dates with men where all was OK but nothing further I met my current boyfriend, John. He's 50 and treats me well. The question is about sex and if a man always need to cum. We have good sex, nothing out of the ordinary, but sometimes he doesn't cum. I've offered to finish him by hand but he says it's OK, he enjoyed it.

      With previous sex the men have always cum and, when I was married, my husband always came in me or I finished him off, so it's a bit of a surprise that John doesn't seem to mind not cumming sometimes. He says that it's not me and he's always ready for sex so I assume that he's telling the truth. He said that I don't always cum but I told him that it's different for women.

    • I'm gay and have been with my partner for 12 years now.. He is my best friend and such a wonderful person and treats me great.. The problem is that we haven't had sex with each other in years.. The sex was ok for the first few years, then we got to the point where we played around with others together. That was a lot of fun. I've cheated on him a few times in the past and know its wrong but I'm so damn horny all the time. I'm simply just not attracted to him anymore.. He has aged really quickly and doesn't seem to care.. We are the same age but I look 15 years younger.. I keep telling myself that he is who I should grow old with, but the thought of leaving has crossed my mind... I don't think I could live with myself if I hurt him. His family is a piece if shit and I'm all he really has.. I've hinted around that I'm not happy sexually, but its so uncomfortable to discuss.. I really wish he would just let me fuck around on the side.. I would be ok with that.. Even if he is not into me anymore, is be fine with him playing around on the side. Everything else is great with the exception of the sex. Does anyone have any advice?

    • This happened to me! But the girl didn't get pregnant because she was ten.

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