Swallowed a man's sperm for the first time in years

I was married to a man who couldn't get it up anymore no matter what he tried. He was a physician, the smartest one around, so he knew nothing was going to help him get an erection. I went without cock for 16 years until he passed away. It was fine since he gave me oral sex instead, all the time, and he was the best at it that God created. He had skills that were unbelievable. I was a very satisfied and happy woman. Now I have a boyfriend. Tonight was the second time we've had sex. I told him this time I wanted him to watch me get myself off ( I think men find that hot) and then we'd fuck. We did just that and I came a few times. After that I started to suck his cock. I haven't sucked a cock in 16 years. When he started to come I swallowed it all down and he made the most wonderful moaning sounds of a man enjoying an orgasm. God it was so hot and I'm glad I still remember how to give good head.

2 months ago


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    • My wife cums while giving me blowjobs. She said late teens she gave her BF BJ as a thank you for the night, and birth control sort of. Something she never mind doing and he took advantage. But one night her hot neighbors, she had crushes on both of them, -- the naked wife gave naked husband a midnight BJ.
      She was kneeling on padded plank, the room was lit by 6 candles as she held his hip making love to his big cock in her mouth. The room was only 20 feet from hers, shades wide open. She sort of thought they meant her to be seeing it. They actually did that every Sat at midnight, sort of religious. Well she got a 4x4 plank and stapled padding to it and reenacted the act with her BF.
      I tell her she gives the most amazing blowjobs. She looks like a cute farmer's daughter who never had dick in her mouth. Her girlfriend who knows of her BJ skills calls her Sister Maria Big Tits Blowjob. I made her a much nicer kneeler.

    • I also married a man who couldn't get it up, so I began sucking off guys at the roadhouse. My husband jumped in front a train because he was depressed. Then one of the guys decided to butt rape me, so I burned down the roadhouse. Now I lick kitty at a work farm, but at least I get internet priviliges.

    • Why didn't you just have your husband give your oral sex like I did? Why go to the roadhouse when you can still have a satisfying cum if you let him lick your clit? Also, why do you have to work at a work farm to get the internet? Can you not afford basic internet? If not, I'm sorry that is sad.

    • No I got sent to the work farm because I burned down the roadhouse. It’s a six-year County stretch. And see, I guess I’m a total cumslut, I love swallowing and it shooting on me. When a girl squirts in stir it’s about as close as I get.

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