I'm a loser b8tr

I keep going down the rabbit hole of being a pathetic chronically addicted masturb8tr. i havent showered in days, all i do is look at porn and get high all the time. i chat with other loser bat8rs and we just feed eachother's pathetic addiction into porn. i've gotten so far off the deepend and cant stop. i keep spending money on weed and get horny for so much porn. im a loser. i cant remember the last time i had sex. all i do is waste my loser seed on rule34 porn like furry porn and disney porn and then spill my seed on my plushie. this is 100% real. if i had a wife i'd let any bull cuck her and fill her up while i jacked off to it in the corner. i've tried to get sober but the relapses turn me on even more.

2 months ago

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    • You are the straight-up poster child for your generation. I find it ironic that so many of you think the boomers are dinosaurs, and yet they still produce and keep society running. Everyone born since 1995, this post is literally you.

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