I want my husband to initiate a cuckold

Im pregnant so I cant get pregnant. Im not far along so I have my tight little body still and feel like it needs to be enjoyed before this baby wrecks it. My husband is enjoying it but after I get him off, my hormones have me on overdrive and I want more. He pleases me plenty. I literally get a minimum of four orgasms....So many that I cant even squirt anymore but I just want to keep fucking due to these excess hormones flowing through my body. I cant get enough dick right now and its the perfect time o let a stranger go bareback. Im addicted. I wish my husband would get off more than once. Sometimes I can get him aroused again but its very hard and he is usually mentally done after he blows his load the first time. I want him to fuck me and blow his load and then bring another man in to fuck me some more while he watches. I feel like it would be a live porn for him staring his lover.

How many of you have been in a cuckold? What was your experience? Who was the person in relation to you? Where did you find the person?

Not sure who we would bring into this but I want it so bad. Nothing would emotionally tie me to the person. I love my husband so much. This is purely a sex need I have.


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  • When my wife was pregnant a few years ago her sex drive was insatiable, I simply could not keep up with her ever increasing sexual desires. I bought a few really realistuc pornstar dildos for her the Jeremy Bilding and Cameron Marshall dildos and she loved them for how good they felt and never wore out like my cock. One night while she was in her throes of orgasming I asked her how it felt to have lifelike copies of other mens cocks and she said "I love the feeling of other mens big cocks in me so much! Then I went out on a limb and asked her if she would like our best mutual male friend to fuck her and she said oh yeah! That sounds fun if you want that too. So for the next few months I watched him fuck my wife in every conceivable position with a cock that made mine look tiny.It was fun while it lasted but after she gave birth she lost interest in this with the responsibilities of mothering . Im in hopes that when she's pregnant again she will desire Jasons dick again, so hot!

  • Tell him. I’m sure you’d be surprised

  • Hi there, Same Situation here. But i an the guy in this case.
    My wife is pregnant with our first Baby and we still have a lot of sex.
    We are very open minded. She felt the same way you are feeling right now.
    We had several threesomes before and one day she came up to me and asked if i would be cool With the idea that a friend of us fucks her in front of me.
    It Caught me off guard but we really enjoy this experience now.
    I think you have to decide if you take the risk and ask your husband.
    Greetings from Germany.
    Hopefully you get what you want. Its really hot.

  • At first I was jealous how our friends big cock made my pregnant wife moan now Im addicted to seeing his cock creampie her. I lust for her to want him again.

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