Cuckold yearnings

I get excited when my wife flirts and exposes her body to guys. I gave her my approval, and now she's showing off for the neighbor who is 19 yr. old. He watches her sunbath nude. I asked if she would like to have sex with him? She said, "would you be ok with it if I did? It's in her plan.

4 months ago


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    • My wife is a tease, and she loves to give strangers peeks, she is good at showing a tit or doing an upskirt with no panties on. Once, she did a show in a strip club that allows full nudity, but somehow it is way more fun to do it by accident.

    • That’s a hot story! Something like that happened to me. It’s how She gave me AIDS.

    • Hot Wife Jill and I got invited to strip poker and optional group sex party. Rules: you can watch, or fuck your wife but no fucking someone else's' wife.
      Sure we said. Jill was my ticket in, everyone said they wanted to her lose and naked. It was at a resort far from home so WTF. This other girl Linda looked like my wife's twin, same big tits, little waist, even their face and do looked similar.
      Both girls sucked poker and were naked in no time.
      Then the sex party started. We contemplating joining in. Have a drink to get our never up. Only one couple is having sex, Linda and her husband. Damn he looks like he's fucking my Jill. And they have the same unique sway of taking dick in the missionary style, heels way up on guy's back, controlling dick in and out of their pussy from the bottom, athletic. I'm half turned and off. This is hot but it looks too much like Jill. I get over and it's just hot. I've always been on the jealous side, but since that night I privately fantasize about watching some guy fuck Jill.
      We did do it after 2 drinks.

    • My hot wife and her hot girlfriend were going to singing compations one weekend a month. Her outfits seemed a little too slutty she packed. But she is slutty in the best way. Her dumb agent left a message exposing her as a stripper. The money was good, she asscured me security at these clubs was tops. And she loves doing it, only briefly nude. Get your wife an agent.

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