Closet feedee and sub

I’m a closeted feedee and bdsm sub. I’m married to a man that absolutely love and want to spend the rest of my life with. But he doesn’t really share my kinks. He is trying more and more with the bdsm though.

I haven’t told him too much about the feedee kink though. He does know I use to be a former web model for feederism and sometimes I like my belly rubbed when it’s full. I’m nervous to tell him because I do sometimes struggle with bulimia still (long past) and while I don’t want to be huge, sometimes the idea of being force fed snacks and treats while being tied up gets me so horny. Sometimes I want him to squeeze my belly and tell me he’s going to make me fatter while there’s nothing I can do about it as he stuffs more food in my mouth. Then I want him to spank my ass and take me from behind while he tells me that I’m going to be his good girl if I let him fuck me like the piggy I am.

Why am I like this? Lol. Even as I type this I’m getting turned on. I have to visualize this while I masturbate in order to cum.

4 months ago

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    • I would love to have you all tied up wearing just pantyhose as I force feed you snacks and tickle your belly feet and legs. Telling you how I’m going to make you bigger and bigger so you will have to wear queen size pantyhose, then just my size super queen pantyhose as your belly stretches the soft silky nylon on your body. Shoving a Twinkie in your mouth as my hard cock rubs all over your pantyhose feet legs and belly. Shoving another Twinkie in your mouth while we fuck as your growing body causes the crotch of the pantyhose to rip open. And when I’m about to cum I pull out and shoot it all over another Twinkie that I immediately shove in your mouth.

    • So how fat and disgusting you want to get! Do you want to be so big the firemen have to cut the wall on the side of you bed out! Then they have a crane to haul your fat ass out and place you on a flatbed to go to the morgue?

    • Sure. Why not?

    • Sure. Why not? It gets me off thinking of immobility

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