My Bartender

Back in the 80's, my wife and I owned a tavern. It did fairly well, made us a living anyway but a long ways from rich.

There was a small mobile home park across the street, they were mostly travel trailer size units, but people weren't camping, they actually lived in them full time. One couple came in regular as clockwork, I was talking to the gal, a pretty perhaps 30 year old about maybe tending bar on the night shift.

She took the job, in short order I noticed a large uptick in receipts, like from maybe $90-100 a shift to well over $200. Back then, $100 for a night shift in a small tavern was very good, since a glass of beer was a quarter. We served food, plus the games were what made the money. I went down to see what she was doing, the top she had on showed both her boobs clearly every time she bent over, which she had to do to reach glasses, bottles, anything.

The place was packed with guys, even a few women, all enjoying the scene. She blushed when she saw me, caught of course. I told her to relax, wear anything she wanted to. She flipped up the hem of her skirt, showing me she had no panties on, with a grin asked me it that was OK also.

Then she whispered in my ear to be there at closing and she would show me a good time. I was and she did, that woman had a pussy on her that was like a vacuum cleaner. She worked for us for almost a year before they moved on, my wife never did find out I was fucking her twice a week,

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    • My wife worked at a bar in her twenties when we met, she was getting pounded by the two owners but she didn’t make any money.

    • When the sports bar I go to was very busy and hiring experienced bartenders, they hired two or three who were immediate hits, including one who interviewed, got hired, and was behind the bar within a half hour, even in her tight, ass-forming jeans. They gave her the uniform top, and she left the zipper down more than the other girls (which was a lot to begin with), and she made the rounds all night, basically taking attention and tips away from the other two just by being so good at the job, personable, and having no problem showing her full, firm tits.

      It kept up for about two weeks, I did see her leaving on break with random guys, then coming back to fix her hair and makeup, with a smile. I asked her one night, on the sly and in general, but she got my meaning, if she was "making money on her breaks", and she said yes. She didn't do it outside of work, wasn't a hooker or anything like that, but, the place had guys willing to pay her for a quick fuck or blow job, she enjoyed doing it, and, word for word "It's not my fault the other girls aren't as hot as me and won't use what they have (tits) to make real money". We got along great after that, but I also knew the other girls, who were very tight-knit, would get rid of her. They did, but not until she worked about a month, fucked tons of guys on break, including me twice, and made her money. She was no dummy.

    • My wife worked as a waitress at an overnight truck stop back in the 90's and early 2000's. She worked 3 nights a week, and brought home well over $2,000 in tips ever night. She always dressed in little slutty outfits with no bra or panties. She has admitted to letting guys feel her up, but she has always denied ever having sex with anyone. I'm not sure I believe her, but I don't care. $2,000 a week invested over a 12 year span allowed us both to retire in our 40's.

    • My wife did the same thing. She worked in a bar when she was in her 20s .she Larned really fast that if she wore low cut tops and short dresses that the guys would give her good tips. She has a nice set of 38dd tits. She knew how to work guys. And made good money.

    • But could she mix drinks?

    • No but she sucked cock really well. I know this place and her

    • Sounds like her preferred drink to make was a Red Snapper.

    • Or a Brown Trout

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