Thanksgiving visitation voyeurism

Our daughter Miranda came home to visit during Thanksgiving. She's a junior in college. She stayed with us for a couple of days with her boyfriend Craig, whom we had not previously met. He is a nice young man and cute as well, with blond hair, hazel eyes, and a very athletic build. We enjoyed his company.

My husband had to work the next day, so we went to bed fairly early. Miranda and Craig stayed up to watch Netflix in the living room. I slept for a couple of hours, woke up, and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I went to make some tea but as I walked down the hall I could hear the sounds of, well, Miranda and Craig making each other really happy.

Making tea was out of the question, as I would have to pass through the living room, but I stood in the darkened hallway and watched them. They had no idea I was there. Craig was behind Miranda, his gorgeous hips and ass moving rhythmically, his cock inside her, his balls swinging against her. He looked amazing. His dick looked totally average, but it was the way he used it. . . .

I should have went back to bed, but no, I watched it all. For thirty minutes. I watched them love. I watched them cum. I'd never seen other people fuck in person before. I put a hand in my robe and jilled off to the scene, as it was really beautiful. After they finished I went back to bed, but was really craving to be fucked. My husband was dead asleep and is a bit of a limp dick anyway, so I had to just deal with being in heat.

I made Miranda and Craig breakfast the next morning, and I had a hard time talking to them without thinking about the night before. My daughter is lucky.

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  • I stuffed my mom's Thanksgiving Day turkey, then later that night I stuffed her pussy with my dick.

  • We're were all in our late 20s. My wife Beth, our friends Joe and Linda.
    Joe and Linda used to love talking about their sex life. But we always had them beat. We'd do 3x a day: in different rooms, in the park at midnight, at lunch in office basement where Beth worked, on the beach. We're out one night and Linda bemoans 'we hardly do it all anymore -- once a month maybe." She said unbeknown to us they watch us have sex at a beach house rental the 4 of us rented a year before. They said we do it way better, so it lit a fire in both of them to do it like us. They did it 5x a week for awhile, but now they fell back to the once a month routine. Would we mind giving them another how to fuck live tutorial? 'We need a booster shot.' So we made a deal, we'll give them a sex show if they give us one back a week later. This was late 70's and went the shows went on for years. We sort of got the short end, 3 shows to 1. But what are friends for? Once her real conservative brother and his wife walked in on us fucking, with Joe and Linda watching. We just told them the whole truth, and the church would approve.

  • You should ask your daughter if she'd mind sharing Craig with you. You also make a move on him when your daughter's not around.

  • It's a shame you couldn't record them fucking. You could have petted your pussy, and over again, if you did.

  • It's sounds like you are in need of some help? Are you still feeling horny?

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