Wife with bc

You find out your wife cheated the night before with a black guy bareback took a load of his. You stay with her only if he dropped his load

A . In the mouth
B. In the ass
C. In her cunt

2 months ago

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    • Neither, kick her ass out....

    • Right before Christmas my girlfriend cheated on me with a 44 year old black man. The man was a friend to her best friend and he had just gotten out of jail. So while I was at work and he was a few days out of jail my girlfriend was pressured by her friend to service her black friend since he was stuck in jail for 3 years. I found this out right after Christmas when my girlfriend confessed due to guilt. They went to the spare room of her friends house got naked and had sex. She had admitted he blew his load twice inside her. However she referred to it as "huge baby making loads" since he hadn't cum in 3 years there was so much cum.

      Since that was a few months ago and luckily she didn't get pregnant I decided to stay with her. I'm shocked she didn't get pregnant from him. She wasn't on any birth control for over a year since we been trying to have a baby. I got lucky.

    • No, you would have been lucky if you dumped her lying ass... now you could have been exposed to hiv, or whatever else he got in prison... and you wanna have kids w her? are you nuts?

    • Mine cheated on thanksgiving bitch came to my house for dinner then said she was going to her aunt's. When she was actually going to her bbc house. Went to her house next morning she was not there waited till she came home said she slept at her aunt's. Before she showed ate her out fuck that black eating pussy. Few days later found out she been cheating confessed and told me that morning when she came home she just finished getting pounded by him again in the morning bareback. Told her why did you not stop me from going down . With a smirk she says you wanted to go .

    • That's nasty...she's a pig...

    • Dude, she's lying to you..she was willing as he shot 2 loads...she went back for more..you are an idiot....

    • Dude I would be pissed at that one. I mean the dude just did 3 years you know and I know he was fudge packing in there. The risk of catching HIV from him is way up there . Her getting it from him then passing it to you. It's one thing meets some cat but he just came out of the sausage farm. No brueno

    • As long as it's a bbc. Any hole is perfect

    • My wife refuses to belong to category of women......

    • That means she in the bbc club

    • Lol yeah, my wife has had sex with 4-5 different guys in the 10 years we have been married. She slept with all multiple times. One she still sleeps with. It's her boss. She is his assistant and goes with him to quarterly meetings out of town. They stay in the same room. She told me about it when we were still dating and mentioned that it would likely be a thing as long as she worked there. She assured me it's just physical. I'm ok with it. She can separate sex from love.

    • No, your wife is a whore....

    • I've stayed with my wife for 40 years now. I've lost count how many black guys she's fucked. She's let them cum in all her holes. Doesn't really matter she takes care of my needs
      And she's a good wife. She just likes to be a slut once in awhile. Sometimes it gets awkward when I come home and see a different car in my driveway. I know that someone is fucking her. But it's a good we love each other. And she's very good in bed.

    • Well...she's had plenty of practice...

    • All three.

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