Being Bi is common

Gay and straight are on a continuum. With a thousand points between the two ends. You could be anywhere along it. You might be in the middle, and not even know it because you never tried. I was.

I spent most of my life at the very straight end of the scale. No curiosity about dicks at all. Then I got tricked by a ladyboy that I thought was a woman.

I touched her dick out of obligation, and found that it was really interesting. Heavier than I imagined them to be from touching my own. Kind of like you can't tell how heavy your own arms are. You don't know how heavy a dick is, until you touch someone else's.

They are also such a strange mix of slippery and hard when you stroke them. They're awesome to touch.

She wanted me to suck it, but I wouldn't. She had already given me one stroking orgasm, and was sucking me off towards another. So just out of obligation again, no desire, I put my mouth on it expecting to be disgusted.

It was awesome. The head is such a strange rubbery and smooth feeling that you can't tell on yourself. I found that it was actually fun to suck.

Since then I've touch a few more dicks. All are amazing. I don't like anything else about a guy. No hugs, no kisses, just like dicks.

So on the scale, I'm well over to the straight side of the middle. Love boobs and pussies. Everything about a woman is crazy good. But getting over to the middle and touching a dick is amazing too. I just don't need anything else about a man. Just his dick.

4 months ago

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    • No. That’s false. Most people are happy heterosexual people. Don’t try to shove your propaganda down our throats.

    • Thank you for that reply! Kill all fags!

    • You would be surprised how many guys are bisexual. I started when I was young. After the first time sucking cock I was hooked. Don't get me wrong I love pussy also I have been married for 42years now. For me it's just another form of sex . Sucking a guy off or letting him fuck my ass feels great.

    • I am a gay male that has had the pleasure of providing a first time experience to many straight men Once they are in their 40's and 50's, a lot of men give in to their curiousity if they never did in their youth.

    • You are sure telling the truth. I know I'm one of them

    • Hmmm

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