Yummy Ass Wife

Anybody wanna have my wife for a night? I have an intense desire to see her drilled by another guy. She is so hot, but seeing her cum on another cock would take things to a new level!

4 months ago


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    • Seriously interested in this, I am in Georgia

    • Alcohol, and some dirty talk will make this happen.

    • Will your wife lick my asshole? Is she hairy? Will she take my load in the face ? Thanks

    • A buddy's (Bill) wife would flirt with me. Then he said go ahead and fuck her if you want, but I want to watch. Apparently that had talked about this. This was all 30 years and never heard of this cuck stuff. You just want to watch live sex, and your wife is a good sport about and she'll put out to please you, not her. He said you're probably right but she'll do it. Who would you rather watch me fuck, your wife or my wife (Jill)? He said your wife, she's way hotter. I said it wouldn't be weird after, knowing we both fucked your wife and we have to keep that from my wife. I told my wife about half the story and she agreed to do a live fuck show if his wife was there too. She said after she cums and is still all horny she might be welcome a gang bang. With her there, no gang bang. So we did it.
      Bill got his fix without me fucking his wife.

    • This happened to my wife and I in the late 90s. One drunk night a shared her with my best friend, she sucked him while I was behind her. The next morning, i woke up and they’d got into it again, he was having sex with her on the sofa. For over ten years he would have sex with her almost every time he came over. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes I just didn’t want it to happen. My wife never invited him, but she also never said no. She’s was just always available for him sexually. I just slowly stopped inviting him over. Eventually he moved to another city and we lost touch. But, When he is in town he will call or text and we talk but I don’t invite him. Last month he was in town and invited me for a drink. I said yes, left the house and met him at a our old hang out. My wife texted me that she was outside and wanted to catch up with him, I hadn’t invited her to join us and told her it was just a guys night. She came in and almost immediately was at his side. His hands were all over her body and she held his hand and kissed him several times, going back and forth from him to me, like she was both of our wife. He finally said it was getting late and we ought to leave, and my wife said “okay, where do we want to do it at?” He laughed and said “I’m staying with my mom and don’t want want to drive all the way out to your house, and we can’t go to my moms” my wife said “let’s go to your car” and she kissed me and took him by the hand and they went into his back seat. I parked beside them. After her head disappeared from view, a few minutes later Her bare feet were against the window, her legs spread wide, and his ass was humping her. When they finished she got out of his car and we said goodbye. She got into my truck and wanted more sex, so I screwed her in the backseat. After all these years, he still gets the easiest lay with my wife.

    • Does your wife know your fantasy and is she OK with that

    • What state are you in

    • North Carolina. Raleigh.

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