It's funny how people bitch all the time about not having enough money to buy groceries for 1 week, but let a pandemic hit and these same motherfuckers all of a sudden have enough money to buy 2 months worth of groceries at once.

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  • How about a pandemic of cock sucking faggots running around naked looking for fresh dicks to eat. Now that's a pandemic I could get behind.

  • Here suck mine asshole. Then you will STFU!

  • And why tp over food? You need food to live not TP.

  • Awh go fucks yourselfs in da arse. Enjoys you mutha fucker!

  • Oh you one of them motherfuckers the OP was talking about? How's that state aid motherfucker? Lazy cock sucker.

  • Yep I guess they sucked a few more cocks and came up with enough money. I say fuck em all. Let them eat wieners .

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