I let her do her thing and she was insatiable

Watching my lovely bride slowing revolve from a 20yo young girl into years later a even sexier confident 31yo woman has been for me exhilarating for myself and her. She's confident in her sexuality and being so desirable in her appearance, with all the attributes men desire, great body, fantastic legs great ass, sexy small feet, a smiling beautiful face well kept hair nails, full lips and a easy approachable personality, not someone who's snobbish or full of themselves. Granted if you were vulgar in your comments or thought you can just touch her, she'd clobber you with a chair, or tell you to fuck off ! She was telling me how turned on she was getting from the the attention of the many admirers she was around. We'd be engaging in sex, and she'll whisper, baby my pussy gets so hot for some fat dick, I'd say, my girls pussy's is hot for some dick, and she'd say, yes...yes and she'll explode, her body pulsating, as her hot cum poured out of het vagina down my legs. I'd roll her onto to her back and rub her hot wet clit and finger her saying, what's my hot wife need, she say moaning, hot dick as she let loose a hot stream of cum which I rubbed all over her perfectly kept pussy kissing her, telling her I loved her. I would tell her I trust her. Sex is like a drug you have to be careful or it could ruin you. I told her that if she's careful about the potential health concerns, I may enjoy watching her seduce someone in the right scenario. I encouraged her to hang out with her girlfriends, some single some divorced. Most of these woman were out to get laided. Of course the Lads were eager to get a slice from the new girl in the group, but the wife, who was a huge tease, wasn't ready yet. Even though my girl was married, she wore the most sexy skirts dresses & high heels . She looked amazing, not whorish but stylish very contemporary. She drank offered cocktails but not to the point where she was a drunken slut. She get a buzz, but wouldn't put herself out there for just anyone. Most of the guys were too shy or didn't want the rejection. A few were bold enough to approach her, and either start a simple conversation or kinda of ignore her at first then make eye contact and say hello. I'd often call her from work on such nights, and she'd say where she was off to and where I can meet her later for drink. Sometimes I'd just go over to the bar and order a drink, and watch her come in with they're entourage. My wife was probably the youngest female in the group, definitely the sexiest, with the most defined legs and ass and lovely firm body with great breasts and a ample view of cleavage. They'd all get drinks and then mingle and dance for 20 minutes or so before sitting at their table, with men who were hovering around the group trying to partner up with the girls. My wife was sitting at a table to the left, and she was turned to her left side. I could see her legs crossed as she opened her purse, and reached in for her mirror as she touched up her lipstick, and a man walked over to her and said something to her and kissed her hand. She put her left hand on his shoulder and was talking to him as he leaned up against her. The both got up and he lead her to the dance floor, where he danced with her for several songs. I watched him embrace my wife as he ran his right hand down along her ass, as she placed both hands over his neck, and was swaying her hips and pelvis up against him, as he now reached down, and cupped both of his hands over her ass, and pulled her up against his manhood. The air of a pending sexual encounter was exciting, watching her grind her hot pussy up against this man in this casual scene was so erotic. I know this get repeated often in these places, but to see your wife allowing another man to hold her in such an intimate way, was for me numbing. But I knew this day would come, we spoke about it, and I said, its up to her not me, but I'm ok with it. So, I quietly left. Called her about 30 minutes later and said I wasn't coming, I got held up at work, and I'd see her later on, and asked if she'd be alright and could get a ride home. She said, oh ok, that she was going to stop by one of her friends and then come Home. I said ok baby have fun, I'll see you later. She came home about 2hrs later, She came in stood in front of me where I was sitting and dropped her purse and leaned forward and pulled her dress up over her head, and said her pussy is hot, and I told her to stick out her tongue and started kissing her open mouth, I said I saw you with your friend dancing in the Lounge, rubbing your pussy up against that guy. She leaned back squeezing her tits together, rubbing her nipples against my mouth for me to suck on, saying I felt his big cock baby, my pussy was hot so hot, I needed to feel his big dick inside me. We went to his place, I told him I'm married and he said, ok that's alright, I just want to fuck you, and he fucked me hard baby and I came about 5x I love the way it makes me feel! Thank You baby I love you. And we made love for awhile and she came about 3 more times. We both fell off into a deep sleep I awoke about 8ish she slept until 2 or so. Since then She's been selective when she wants to seduce a man even though she's attracting men wherever she goes, its like there's a scent of a horny woman who loves to fuck even though the words are never spoken. We're still together and we do love one another. Its not about me being undersized, because I'm not. Its an understanding of her sexual desires and still being married. I love to introduce another woman into our relationship, which may happen, but I'm not demanding it.

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    • I cannot understand why any man would let his good looking wife go have sex with another man. Why would you want the most intimate, sacred thing between a man and a woman to be shared with anyone else? Why would you want another man putting his cock in your wife's pussy when that is supposed to be just for you and you only? There is something wrong with those of you who share your spouses with other people. I just don't think you understand the value and special bond a married couple is supposed to share exclusively with each other when it comes to sex, and you want to have it with women, so you encourage your wife to have it with other men first. Then it makes it easier for you to go cheat. Or else you have such low self esteem, and you don't think you deserve your wife. Something is way off with this as it's not normal, healthy, or respectable behavior to pawn your spouse off to another person. It's quite bizarre.

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