I’m in trouble.

I’m a married man and happily. Been married for 10 years but for the last year I’ve been getting fucked by my boyfriend.

It’s weird to call him that but it’s got to that point now. We met at the gym and got chatting. A few months later we went for a drink after working out and he tried to kiss me. I pushed him off and we didn’t mention it again. Another month goes by and he is in the shower after a session. No one else is around and I just decide to join him. We kissed passionately and we grabbed each other’s dicks and wanked each other off. From there it escalated and now he fucks my ass at least two or three times a week. At first it was just quick and raw when we could but now it’s dinner, a drink or two and back to his so he can slowly fuck me romantically and fill my ass with cum.

I think I love him and my wife. She knows nothing about it or him but when I’m not with him I miss the way he holds me, the weight of his body on mine when we fuck, the taste of his tongue and taste of his dick. The feel of him inside me and the throbbing of his dick as he cums in me.

Like I said. I’m in trouble.

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  • I've been having sex with my neighbor for about 4 years. Wife has no idea. Wife only wants sex once or twice a month. I jack off nearly every day but one day my neighbor saw me out and just flat out asked if I wanted to come over.

  • It's a catch-22, isn't it? Even if your wife was okay with you being bi, you can't really legitimize a relationship that started with cheating.

    While I'm not really romantic with guys, I can still relate. I have a guy who regularly fucks me. He's a genuinely nice guy, and god I love how he just takes me and uses my body! I'm normally a pretty dominant kind of guy, but with him I'm his little slut and he knows it. He holds me down and suddenly I'm completely submissive. I'm strangely proud of how much pleasure I'm able to bring to him with my mouth and ass.

    We hadn't hooked up in a while because of scheduling, but yesterday he texted me to let me know that he was in a parking lot around the corner and horny and to come suck his cock. And I did. I just left work, drove to him, and sucked him off in my car. I'd been craving the taste of his cum for a couple of weeks, and was glad to get a fix. Now I just need him to fuck me again soon.

  • You need to move in with him. Or have your wife join you with him.

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