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I’ve always had a desire to watch my wife with another man or in a threesome with me and a friend of ours. When I initially mentioned it her she wasn’t interested. After months of fantasy talk during sex she finally admitted she was interested. We often used one friend in particular during our sex talks. John was a friend of ours who graduated with my wife Kathy. Him and I hung out a lot, while our wives knew each other they never talked, only in passing. We felt he would be a safe bet. He was tall, good looking and well hung. My wife suggested showing him a few pictures of her i had on my phone of her in sexy lingerie. To see if he found her attractive. I thought it was a great idea so one day when we were hanging out I asked him if he’d like to see some pictures of her. He said absolutely, so I showed him some of her in a sheer bra and matching panties. You could clearly see her nipples and her pussy lips. There were a few more of the same in different outfits, all leaving just enough to the imagination. He kept repeating hot hot she looked and asked if I had anymore. I told him I’d try to get some for him. He was clearly exited. He hard on was visible in his shorts. I went home and told my wife everything that happened. All she asked about was he cock. Was it big? Did it look big. Was he hard. I told her that I’m sure he would love to fuck her given the chance. That night we had the best sex ever. She was so wet thinking about his big cock. We decided then that I would set it up, surprise her. She had me take a few more pictures, one of her completely nude lying on her stomach, clearly making out her ass and pussy. The next day I showed John the new pictures. He said he loved her ass and would give anything to see it up close. I told him that he was in luck and I filled him in on our fantasy to have a threesome. He didn’t believe me at first , but after I explained it to him he happily agreed. We set a plan for him to stop over for a beer and catch a movie on Saturday. The next few days I teased Kathy by playing with her but not letting her cum. She was horny as hell by Saturday. The day finally arrived, her still not knowing John was coming over. After some work around the house in the morning, we decided to catch some sun in the back yard. I had Kathy wear a crocheted bikini I had made for her. Her nipples stuck thru and you could tell she was clean shaven. After we were set up I texted John to come over. I couldn’t wait for him to see her in this bikini. While I was waiting for him, I asked her what she would do if John walked back here and saw her in her bikini. She said she wouldn’t do anything. I asked her if wouldn’t mind him seeing her nipples and most of her ass and partial pussy lips, she just played it off line he was never going to see her dressed like that anyway. She was in for a surprise. I had him text me when he arrived, I met him in the house, telling kathy I had to use the bathroom. He was looking out the window at her and his jaw dropped. Omg he said. Look at that ass!. I told him I wanted to set up the video camera in the nearby window so I could capture her reaction to John seeing her. He had jeans on so I gave him a pair of my gym shorts to put on , the kind that are tight so she could make out his package. After I had the camera set up we went out the basement door that led to yard where kathy was laying on blanket. When she saw us she tried to cover up but we were already sitting on the blanket and she didn’t have anything to cover herself with. She was lying on her stomach and when she tried to adjust her bikini bottoms to cover her ass she gave us I full view of her kissy lips. John’s hard on was clearly noticeable and she could stop looking at it. After a few minutes Kathy relaxed and laid back down. She adjusted her bikini again, this time exposing most of her beautiful ass. I asked her if she would like some sun tan lotion rubbed on her back and she happily accepted. only I had John rub it on her. She had untied her top and pulled it out from underneath her, saying she didn’t want to get oil on it. My wife was lying baked from the waist up and almost naked from the waist down and our friend was getting ready to rub her down with sun ran oil. I cock was as hard as a rock. John started at her lower back, working side to side.He gradually worked his way around her so that he was facing her, on the knees, rubbing her upper back and shoulders, working his way down ger back. This caused him to have to lean forward, bringing his hard cock near her face. If she looked straight forward he would of liked her in the mouth every time he came forward. A couple minutes later, that’s exactly what happened. When he leaned in to rub her lower back she looked up and he cloth covered cock brushed against her cheek and lips. This happened 3 or 4 more times, each time lasting longer. I thought I saw her mouth his cock threw his shorts once. Her legs were completely spread open and when he got behind her again she didn’t even try to cover her pussy or ass. I untied her bottoms and pulled them off. John was rubbing her ass with oil, brushing her pussy lips with his hand. She reached back and grabbed his cock, stroking it through his shorts. She was ready to try out his big cock. Kathy suggested we move inside. The neighbors aren’t close, but I caught one neighbor trying to catch a glimpse of kathy one time when she was sunbathing. He was in the woods behind our houses with binoculars. I never told her, I’m glad he thought she was hot. Once inside, John and I took off our shorts and everyone was naked. Kathy immediately dropped to her knees and started stroking John’s big cock. It was probably a good 8 inches and she was using both hands. She looked at me as if to ask if it was all right , I just smiled because I knew she was getting ready to suck his cock. All the fantasy talk and now the moment of truth. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth wrapped her lips around his cock and slowly started sucking him. She was loving his big hard cock. She was able to get most of it in her mouth and once she got into it I knew he would be cumming soon. After about 10 minutes he said I’m gonna cum, she sucked harder and he shot his cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked his balls and cock for minutes afterwards I pulled her up to her knees and stuck my cock in her from behind. John was still laying there, Kathy licking his cock when he began to get hard again. When she got his cock good and hard again I said switch, I wanted to watch him bury that cock in her. He moved in behind her and in one motion sunk his cock all the way in her. I heard her moan with pleasure as he pounded her pussy. I put my cock in her mouth and she moaned all over it. She must of came 3 times. He fucked her for about 10 minutes before turning her over and fucking her in the missionary position. Their faces were close and they started making out, I think this made everyone hornier and her began to fuck her with long strokes, while I watched her pussy get pounded I stroked my own cock. In a few minutes he came again, inside her. When he pulled out she sucked him clean and tried to get him hard again. She wanted more of his big cock. I told her she would have to wait till next time. After he left we went upstairs and showered and talked about it. She said she loved it and hoped we could do it again. We had sex again that night and made plans to have John over again. Before we fell asleep that night kathy had a surprise for me, She said that now that she knows how much fun it is to be with two guys at once, maybe we can do it with some other friends. She mentioned one by name. Our friend Tim. He’s a black guy and she wants to see if he would fuck her and let her suck his big black cock. That’s another story.

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    • Very hot. My wife sucked and fucked my friend and loved being in a threesome. She wants to suck a big black cock too. Can’t wait to see that.

    • Hope your friend Tim ended up in her. She sounds like a great wife. My wife and I had mmf threesomes as well. Great fun.

    • Nice whore wife you have there. I would enjoy cumming all over her face after she sucks my cock and licks my asshole.

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