I gave another guy a BJ and loved it

I'm 55 and single. For the last ten years or more I fantasized about touching and sucking another guy. I'm not sure what brought it on as I did not always feel this way, but the older I got the more interested I had become and decided to see what it was like.

I met a friend in a local club I belonged to and we hung out together quite a bit over the last year. We would often ride motorcycles or go out to dinner. We would often end up at my house or his house to have a beer before the other went home. Just good guy fun.

About a month ago we bumped into one of his ex-girlfriends and she was quite flirty with him. He clearly was not interested in her and after the encounter he admitted that the two of them had great sex together but he broke it off as she was clingy. He described getting great bj's from her as she loved oral sex. I indicated that I understood what he was talking about as I loved a great BJ too but also liked my independence. He jokingly said too bad you don't like giving bj's as we would be a good fit. I half smiled as he surprised me with his comment, but then admitted that I think I could be bisexual with the right person. He nervously chuckled and dropped it, but brought it up again a few hours later and wanted to know if I was serious. I admitted that I was which led to a long discussion where he admitted that he had a couple of bisexual experiences as a younger man and often thought about them. We both looked at each other for a few minutes and then I asked if he was interested in exploring with me. He jumped at the question and said yes.

I suggested that we get naked and sit in my hot tub and talk with a beer as I had never seen him naked before. I grabbed two towels and we walked to the backslider where the tub was located and I started to take our clothes off. He followed my lead and we both walked outside with our towels wrapped around us. I opened the lid to the hot tub and then dropped my towel. I have steps leading into the tub and I bent over slightly as I was getting in so he could see my ass and balls. I also turned around when I get in the tub so he could see my cock. I could feel him staring at me. When he got in I watched him as closely as he watched me and loved the size of his cock and balls. He was average size like me, but with bigger balls and a much bigger bush. I was immediately hard.

We sat and talked for a little bit before I reached over and grabbed his dick under water. He laughed as I stroked his mostly hard dick and said this is not exactly how he thought this day was going to go. He also played with my cock until we were both supper hard. I sugested we go to my bedroom and he quickly agreed. Once we were in bed I immedately went down on him, taking his dick in my mouth and sucking him passionately. It was great. I loved his taste, smell, and size. I also enjoyed how he filled my mouth.

We got into a 69 with him on top and he fucked my mouth while I sucked him. He loved when I sucked the head of his dick and moaned as I did that while playing with his balls. I also lightly rubbed his ass which he seemed to enjoy. This went on for about an hour, playing and sucking in every position you could immagine. I finally layed my head on his stomach and held his balls while he moved his hips while I sucked him. I could tell he was getting really close to cumming as I could taste his pre-cum imcreasing and his thrusting was more intense. He warned me he was going to cum and I took his cock deep in my mouth and played with the tip of his dick with my toungue. He came hard and I could feel him shoot to the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and loved it. After I cleaned him up good with my mouth we changed positions and I came in his mouth the exact same way. It was alwesome.

We have done it several times over the last two weeks and it just keeps getting better. He will call me and ask if he can come over for a session. I just laugh and tell him yes. We have discussed trying anal play at some point as we both love getting our asses licked and touched but so far have not gone there. I suspect it will happen soon as we are getting very comfortable together. I really enjoy blowing him and like the taste of his cum. I can't wait to see where this goes moving forward. I just wanted to share this with somebody as it has me so turned on.

3 months ago


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    • I never had any desire to touch a dick my whole life. Then at 50 I got with a ladyboy on vacation that I thought was a woman. After she had already giving me a handjob orgasm, she took off her pants and I figured out it was a ladyboy for the first time.

      I felt obligated to stroke her, but didn't want to. But after a few minutes of doing it just out of obligation, I found that dicks really are interesting. She kept motioning for me to suck it, but I wouldn't. Finally after a while, I decided to give it a quick try. Then found I liked that too, but didn't swallow.

      So at 49, zero desire for a dick at all. At 50, I still love women and their bodies. But just the dick part of a guy is really cool too.

    • I want two dicks

    • I had similar fun with a family friend. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    • Try rimming next

    • I’m 65 now and my friend has passed away, but back in our 20’s and 30’s we did that all the time, plus we fucked eachother a lot too. So much fun. I used to love fucking ham and reaching around and stroking his hard cock, it felt like mine was so big. We’d swap delicious cum kisses ,,,, man I miss that

    • Sounds great

    • I love to suck cock email me gino8xx@yahoo.com

    • I will

    • You are so lucky to have a friend with benefits I envy you

    • Sucking a cock is always a great pleasure for man or woman

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