Don't want to scare new boyfriend with my sexual fantasies

I am a have a lot of sexual desires, I'm in to most things, but I don't want to scare my new boyfriend off. So I am asking for help, what are men in to sexually?
What would scare men?
So far all our sex has been pretty standard missionary, it's good, but a bit vanilla. I always thought all men were filthy minded perverts, but I need him to open up.
I am in to burlesque, role play, fantasy, I like it in any hole and he can cum anywhere he wants. Happy to try anything, exhibitionism, threesomes, bondage, even water sports.
So please if I was dating you what would you want????

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  • Communicate, my wife does a lot that I wanted her to try, but she is not comfortable with everything I we do what shes comfortable with! Pis sing, fis ting, and squirting...

  • Nothing like watching your women do a gangbang. That really makes me hard as a rock. Had several girls friends that did for me. I rated them as keepers. One I had to leave because I moved the other I married. She still dose bangs now and then. Just not as often as I would like.

  • Watch you and a woman 69 each other.

  • I'm ok with a bit of girl on girl, good fun, would happily put on a show for him if he wants it

  • There’s a VERY good chance he would want it. Do you have a friend who might help you with the show?

  • I do actually, she is not gay, just fun lol

  • That’s perfect...she doesn’t have to be. Did you and she ever hook up before?

  • I'd have you strip naked along the bike trail that runs through the woods across the street from our house. I'd put a dog collar around your neck and force you to crawl on all fours along the bike trail at the end of my leash. Whenever we'd come across other people on the trail, I'd yank back on the leash, ordering you to stop and look at them. "Fuck my doggy?," I'd ask.

    Now THAT would be SO much fun. And so very romantic, too. Wouldn't you agree?

  • I'd be a little worried about getting arested, but I'd happily be a doggy in the house or at a party, or in a quiet car park if you know what I mean

  • I'm married to a vanilla wife. I couldn't begin to tell her my sexual fantasies. I'd love it if my wife were a slut. It's been a huge fantasy for her to cheat on me and me walk in on it. Man or woman. It wouldn't matter. I'm also very much bisexual and she doesnt know it. Not just a thing I'm kinda ok with. More like I absolutely love dick. I love sucking dick. I love the taste of cum. I love being fucked in the ass. Don't get me wrong, I love women. Love tits. Love pussy. Love a woman's ass. But it's another fantasy to have her walk in on me being fucked in the ass.

  • My wife is boring, wish she was you

  • I brought home a goody bag for my husband about a year after we were married and the most exciting thing he had done to me was doggie style.
    It had a vibrator and dildo, some nipple toys and a small bondage kit, the rest is history.

  • There isn’t much of anything at all I’d say no to. If my wife wants to try it chances are I will go for it.

  • What have you tried, I wanna know we are talking the same language, I'm pretty kinky

  • For a woman that I am really into, there isn’t too much she could suggest that I wouldn’t seriously consider trying with her. Talk with your guy and let him know how much you want to please him and some of the ways that you want to do it. If he has limits, he’ll express them, but from my experience, I love it when a woman is confident in what she wants sexually and up front about it.

  • Thank you, fingers crossed you're right

  • You’ll do just fine. Please let all of us know how it goes.

  • I like my women to wear sexy lingerie and heels in bed. I like doggy style. I like when we talk dirty to each other. Most of all I like licking her pussy and asshole. I love and sex. I like my cock suck and my asshole lick. I would love to show u how I would do u.

  • I would do whatever you want to. U could put on a strap on and fuck me if that turned u on.

  • Be upfront with him! If he isnt into your sexual desires it wont work.. show him your inner slut 😉

  • Makes sense I guess

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