Don't want to scare new boyfriend with my sexual fantasies

I am a have a lot of sexual desires, I'm in to most things, but I don't want to scare my new boyfriend off. So I am asking for help, what are men in to sexually?
What would scare men?
So far all our sex has been pretty standard missionary, it's good, but a bit vanilla. I always thought all men were filthy minded perverts, but I need him to open up.
I am in to burlesque, role play, fantasy, I like it in any hole and he can cum anywhere he wants. Happy to try anything, exhibitionism, threesomes, bondage, even water sports.
So please if I was dating you what would you want????

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  • Hi there—just wondering how things are getting on between you and your boyfriend lately?

  • A couple of things have happened recently. First is a cat outfit, full skin tight black catsuit, (looks amazing even if I say so) with ears, tail and a little black nose. I have been crawling round that house like a cat, and my ass in this catsuit is driving him crazy. I have been sitting at his feet so he can stroke me while I put. I pounced on him a couple of times and licked him lol.
    Anyway, I asked him to lie naked on the bed and then the cat walked in, he stroked me before I hopped on the bed and started licking his naked body. I licked from head to toe, giving him a throbbing erection. I licked his balls and perineum and then his cock. I didn't want to give him a standard blowjob, so licked up and down his shaft.
    I decided to test his limits and stuck a lubed finger in his bum. I rubbed his prostate whilst licking his cock, until he exploded in a fountain of semen everywhere. That clearly works for guys, never seen so much. Naturally after the fountain had pumped it's last shot, I licked up all the cream like a good kitty, Even the stuff in my hair, but us cats are good at cleaning ourselves. Fun!

  • Hi there...Bad kitty...bad, bad kitty...that outfit sounds perfect on you and yes, what you did to him definitely works for guys. Would love to have seen you afterward in your catsuit, cleaning up the mess you made!

  • Burlesque has gone well. We also had sex in the car somewhere quiet.

  • Progress! Has he shown an interest in you and your friend putting on a girl-girl show for him?

  • Yes, sorry for delayed response, she came round at the weekend and a few bottles of wine got opened, it was time for her to leave but she was too drunk, so I invited her to stay, I asked my bf if it was ok and he said yes. She asked if she could borrow PJ's or a nighty, and I said grab whatever she liked from my drawer. She came down wearing a baby doll nighty, even I was shocked but my bf was sat staring at her. I commented that someone liked her choice and smiled at my bf. He apologized, I said it's ok I think she looks hot too, and went and kisses her whilst grabbing her bum.
    Our spare room is full of stuff, so my bf said he would go clear the bed for her, but I invited her to join us, we have a super king bed, loads of room. I'll go in the middle I said.
    In the bedroom my bf looked nervous, he sleeps in boxers or nude but my friend was there. I started kissing him and undressing him. I just removed my dress and bra and we got in to bed. Me and my bf in underwear and my friend in the baby doll.....

  • .....In bed I started playing with him and he got hard. He was trying to signal me to stop because of my friend. I turned to my friend and said I don't think he wants to kiss me, can I kiss you instead. I started making out with my friend as my bf watches in shock. I slipped my had up the baby doll and started playing with her bum and then started stroking the crotch of her panties. My bf got interested, so I reached back and found his hard cock and pulled it out his boxers. He moved in behind me like if we were spooning. I broke off from him and her, laid on my back and removed my panties. My bf pulled his boxers down, and my friend sat up and lifted her baby doll off and took her panties down. All naked I pulled in to her and we started making out. My bf moved in behind again and penetrated me from behind. He started pumping me quite hard watching me get off with my friend. By now I was fingering her and she was making nice noises.
    I wanted my bf deeper so I got my friend to move to the middle and I got on all fours over her whilst my bf knelt behind me and re-entered deeper.
    After a few mins I asked if they wanted to swap before he cums. I me and my friend switched places and my bf started fucking her while she went down on me.
    I was first to orgasm, but just as I reached orgasm my bf announced he was about to blow, time for a quick switch. He pulled out, and I opted for the quick option of get my mouth round it. Still wet from her his cock blew and filled my mouth, after I swallowed we both went back to our guest, I went down on her and after cleaning the cum of his cock he entered her again from behind as I locked her clit laid on my back under her. She had a huge orgasm and was so creamy I thought my bf had cum again, which thankfully he hadn't because she is not on the pill. I licked his cock clean and could taste it was her not him.
    We fell asleep soon after.

  • Whoa! I think you can officially call that a success! Let us know if there is any follow-up to it—I have a feeling there will be more and more

  • Sorry for the huge gap but nothing really happened until this weekend. My friend can be a bit weird but she is so much fun and very social. She had told me she wanted a party and I had been helping her organise it. Last week she decided fancy dress would be more fun and I agreed, (we were drunk, it seemed like a good idea) mid week she contacted everyone to say the theme was 'Fetish' I liked the idea but was nervous about my boyfriend.
    I knew what I would wear, I had a burlesque outfit, with a corset, fishnets, etc etc and a riding crop (I had a genuine reason for it, posh girl upbringing), oh and knee high fuck me boots. My bf I thought would like but be scared I hat this stuff, it's pretty erotic trust me.
    I made him an outfit based on a dinner jacket, but with just the bow tie, cuffs and collar and briefs. He insisted on trousers but looked hot all the same.
    When we arrived we were welcomed by a guy in an apron, just an apron, inside there was lists of pvc and leather, girls in just underwear and even a guy in a rubber mask, even I thought it was quite extreme. My friend was wearing bubble wrap, that's all, you could see though and it wasn't very long....

  • ......My bf looked out his depth and nervous, I thought he might leave but I think the scantily clad girls kept him there. He drank and chilled out.
    It went on till morning, it had been pretty kinky but not the orgy it could have been. My friend found us later on, most her bubbles had been popped and you could see basically everything, she was going to bed with a guy she met and invited us.
    All four went up, my friend encouraged me to use my crop on her friend as she ripped his clothes off, his spanking made him hard as hell, my friend asked if my bf was the same, I ordered him on all fours and spanked him, then forced him to go down on my friend or I would spank more, (I really got in to it) I released my corset and shorts, and forced her hard friend to go down on me before I fucked this guy hard slapping and clawing him, even squeezing his baas when he came, during this my friend rode my bf, borrowing my crop to keep him in line. In the morning the mystery man had gone, and I was feeling a little nervous about what happened

  • Holy shit...

  • What did your bf think afterward?

  • We haven't spoken about the sex but there is an air of tension between us, effectively we have both cheated, albeit with implied permission. I think my boyfriend regrets not stopping me fuck another guy and is shell shocked by our foursome.
    On the positive side he seems to love the corset outfit and especially the riding crop, he seems to like to be spanked and to spank me equally.
    Secretly I think he likes the idea of a dominatrix girlfriend, and he can't get enough of the outfits, but that party was too far down the rabbit hole for him. I think I will keep it between us for a bit, no more 3 or 4 somes for a while lol.
    I want to test his boundaries and I have gone further than expected but not go beyond them.
    I would welcome suggestions or any questions you have?, anything goes!

  • I think you are wise to pull back from the multi-partner play for the time being, at least until you and your boyfriend have a chance to talk about what you liked and didn’t like about it. Speaking from experience, as a guy, no matter what you might think beforehand, nothing can really prepare you for seeing your woman with another man for the first time, even if you’re with another woman at the same time and it’s all permissible. It might be alternately troublesome and shocking and/or welcomed and arousing, depending on the circumstances. Maybe he’s sorting through his emotions about it now. In the meantime, absolutely keep emphasizing the aspects you and he both liked, especially your erotic outfits and the dominatrix aspect. It seems as if this has been a mostly positive experience for the two of you.

  • And continuing to communicate will give you the best chance of keeping it positive.

  • Been trying to move his mind on from that party by being active at home. When he came round yesterday, I answered the door in just my old school uniform, short plaid skirt, knee high socks the lot, even gave myself pigtails. He loved it and I wanted to know it was ok for him to love it. I spent all evening teasing him before I let him fuck me, he was very enthusiastic when he did. Didn't last long though, ha ha.
    Afterwards I asked him about threesomes, not foursomes, just FMF, he said it was a fantasy of his but more of a dream we were more important.
    I asked him if he could have a threesome as often as he wants in a year, how often would he want one. Eventually he came up with a number, 6!
    So I asked if he had a preference of who, and enquired about my friend. He said he would be happy with my friend, or someone else, but every time, I had to initiate it, and I had to choose the other girl, and nothing should happen unless I want it to.
    So we talked about 3somes, I left it there.

    If you know of anything sexual I may not have tried, I am always open to ideas, let me know?

  • Your strategy seems to be very sound, from your role play for him to the conversation you had. He also was very considerate in how he responded to it. There’s also a comfort level that both of you have with your friend, which will make things even better for future encounters (and she seems to be very comfortable with both of you as well). All in all, keep doing what you’re doing, and please do update as things progress.

  • I saw that friend last night, just me no bf, girls night. Totally unexpectedly we ended up having sex. It seemed normal and ok at the time, but now I feel like I cheated,. Have I?
    If my bf had been there we would have had a 3some I am sure, which wouldn't be cheating, but we are limiting those
    Should I tell him, I can't think of many ways it could go well and a few were it could go badly?

  • Hi there—Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Unless there’s any chance that your friend would say something to your boyfriend, I wouldn’t say anything to him about this. I seem to recall that you said you initiated the first threesome you had by kissing her and making out with her, and then pulling him in, so technically you’ve done somewhat the same thing right in front of him. And even though you and he talked about 6 threesomes a year as a target, I doubt he would object if that number increased. Please let me know how everything is going, whether you’ve already talked to him or not.

  • I didn't tell him, old news now though

  • I watched my wife suck a young guy off at a bar one night we met one night.
    It wasn’t planned but she liked everything about him. Invited him back to our hotel and before you know it they kept daring each other. He was bragging about his cock size and when he pulled it out she looked at me then grabbed it and couldn’t stop admiring it. Before you know it he pushed her head to it and she eagerly started to suck him off. When he came she swallowed every drop and told him she wouldn’t mind him living close by to us. I couldn’t wait to fuck her and talk about how much she enjoyed him.

  • My wife likes sometimes to see what can be gotten away with quickly in public without getting caught. I dig that too. She's sucked me quickly in a few restaurants. Some bars, a bus, plane, and places I'm sure I've forgotten. She'll do anal, but it's just not my thing really. We spend most of the time home naked, and fuck pretty much daily, or more, even after six years together. She's open to banging on a beach if we were at the right nude beach.

    Stuff I wish she did. 69 a woman and let her bang us together. mmf if it was the right guy. Nipple 69 a woman. Have a woman lick her clit while a bang her. Beg me to do some bi action, I might be into it if I had a push. But I'd need a push.

  • So as an update it seems he quite likes to be tied to the bed and 'looked after' by a nurse. He also seems to like disciplining naughty schoolgirls. However anything outside the safety and privacy of our home seems to worry him.
    Making progress

  • Communicate, my wife does a lot that I wanted her to try, but she is not comfortable with everything I we do what shes comfortable with! Pis sing, fis ting, and squirting...

  • Nothing like watching your women do a gangbang. That really makes me hard as a rock. Had several girls friends that did for me. I rated them as keepers. One I had to leave because I moved the other I married. She still dose bangs now and then. Just not as often as I would like.

  • Watch you and a woman 69 each other.

  • I'm ok with a bit of girl on girl, good fun, would happily put on a show for him if he wants it

  • There’s a VERY good chance he would want it. Do you have a friend who might help you with the show?

  • I do actually, she is not gay, just fun lol

  • That’s perfect...she doesn’t have to be. Did you and she ever hook up before?

  • Yea, just for fun, she was feeling a little lonely, I stayed the night with her and it just kinda happened.

  • Give us some more details?

  • I'd have you strip naked along the bike trail that runs through the woods across the street from our house. I'd put a dog collar around your neck and force you to crawl on all fours along the bike trail at the end of my leash. Whenever we'd come across other people on the trail, I'd yank back on the leash, ordering you to stop and look at them. "Fuck my doggy?," I'd ask.

    Now THAT would be SO much fun. And so very romantic, too. Wouldn't you agree?

  • I'd be a little worried about getting arested, but I'd happily be a doggy in the house or at a party, or in a quiet car park if you know what I mean

  • I'm married to a vanilla wife. I couldn't begin to tell her my sexual fantasies. I'd love it if my wife were a slut. It's been a huge fantasy for her to cheat on me and me walk in on it. Man or woman. It wouldn't matter. I'm also very much bisexual and she doesnt know it. Not just a thing I'm kinda ok with. More like I absolutely love dick. I love sucking dick. I love the taste of cum. I love being fucked in the ass. Don't get me wrong, I love women. Love tits. Love pussy. Love a woman's ass. But it's another fantasy to have her walk in on me being fucked in the ass.

  • My wife is boring, wish she was you

  • I brought home a goody bag for my husband about a year after we were married and the most exciting thing he had done to me was doggie style.
    It had a vibrator and dildo, some nipple toys and a small bondage kit, the rest is history.

  • There isn’t much of anything at all I’d say no to. If my wife wants to try it chances are I will go for it.

  • What have you tried, I wanna know we are talking the same language, I'm pretty kinky

  • For a woman that I am really into, there isn’t too much she could suggest that I wouldn’t seriously consider trying with her. Talk with your guy and let him know how much you want to please him and some of the ways that you want to do it. If he has limits, he’ll express them, but from my experience, I love it when a woman is confident in what she wants sexually and up front about it.

  • Thank you, fingers crossed you're right

  • You’ll do just fine. Please let all of us know how it goes.

  • I like my women to wear sexy lingerie and heels in bed. I like doggy style. I like when we talk dirty to each other. Most of all I like licking her pussy and asshole. I love and sex. I like my cock suck and my asshole lick. I would love to show u how I would do u.

  • I would do whatever you want to. U could put on a strap on and fuck me if that turned u on.

  • Be upfront with him! If he isnt into your sexual desires it wont work.. show him your inner slut 😉

  • Makes sense I guess

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