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My wife freaked me out and I love her dearly for it. I like to see guys poke my wife doggy style and watch her huge long tits hang down and sway. Then one day I jokingly said to her, "I know you like to get it doggy style and have your tits swing, would you let Ricky do you as I watch. " To my surprise she smiled and said " Yes ". Ricky was our golden retriever. We been married a good number of years and met a wife swapping couple who gave us a homemade video on how they got their dog involved. " I don't know where that tape is, babe. " I said. "I put it in with the box that has our homemade tapes." my darling wife said. I found it and we started watching it. My wife saw me pull out my dick and started tugging it. She politely went down on it.
We began to condition Ricky. My wife would spread her legs to let him smell and lick her. I tied socks on his front paws. I patted my wife's back to hint to Ricky to mount her. His penis started to poke out. I watched him trying to poke my wife. Finally my wife thought it best to guide it in her. My wife nude on her hands and knees seemed to be enjoying it. She began swinging her tits about and yelling, "Good dog", while fingering her clit. I was sitting naked in a chair tugging my shaft. My wife motion to me to come to her and let her suck cock.
It was a norm for her to be on her knees in front of the couch sucking me off while Ricky humped her. Now and then I would hump her massive tits letting my cum fly about.

3 months ago

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    • One afternoon while I was watching our neighbors rotties 3 Males. I am 17 female and a virgin but no longer a virgin fir Bangor took that from me. Bangor is a 5 year old Rotty and the head dog of the kennel followed by two of his sons who also have had their way with me on many occasions.
      The first time Bangor jumped up on me and started in humping I thought he was going to kill me but soon found out just what he wanted knocking me down getting up on my back jabbing his hard cock against my ass and puss then he rammed hid hard cock deep into my ass I screamed but no one heard me and for a good 20 minutes he fucked me hard the he stropped but I felt his cock grow longer and harder with each pulse of his body as he filled me with his sperm.
      I couldn't believe I took his knot for he drug me around his kennel several times before he pulled form me and went off to clean himself and I remained there on all fours pushing his cum put of me and Jason got me right away the first jab he was in my gaping ass and he went right at me fucking me hard and furiously shoving his knot into me and tying with me oh god did I start to cum on him. He tried to pull from me but I held onto his hind legs keeping his massive cock in me pumping more and more of his cum into me, he must have TIED WITH ME FOR 45 MINUTES OR SO but when he did pull out of me man did his cum flow.

    • I got up off the floor and sat in their old chair facing the three of them and I looked at Tuka the youngest but by far the biggest of the three he came to me started in locking my pussy cleaning me up and out for his toung went right into my gaping pussy deeper and deeper with every lick and OMG I came on him eating out not once but 5 times 5 times before he jumped up on my front side his cock jabbing right at my vagina easily ENTERING ME FROM GERTTING J FUCKED BY THE OTHER TWO god his knot went right into me tying with him his cock growing longer and thicker pushing against my cervical entrance the pointed end of his cock gained entry easily and his cum flowed. His cock continued to grow swore he entered my tube going ever so deep into me as he continued fill me with his spunk. I layed there letting him do what ever he wanted to me but what really got to me was when he started in licking my nipples making them a whole lot harder than they were, I tried to stop him for he was really getting to me but he wouldn't hear of it he licked even harder. Between feeling his cock ever so deep into me his knot tying us together and his licking my nipples I started in cumming on him hard. After the third orgasm I passed out when I awoke all three was right at my feet locking my legs and thighs every now and then my gapping puss and I'd cum again.

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