Not traditional

We're not related, but in our culture we are considered family for other reasons, so just thinking about him was taboo. But I wanted him, I though, "if I just think to myself it's not that bad right?" Then we became closer and closer friends, then we both moved to his brothers house to work at the local canner in the next town over. The first night he slept on the floor w the sleeping bag and I slept on the bed post with no matress, just boards and my extra blankets.
After the first night he asked if he could put the sleeping bag under us for a cushion since his back was hurting. I started get a little needy for body heat, and I would bother him till he put his arm around me before I'd finally go to sleep.
I continued to tickle and bother him(since I'm not ticklish he couldn't defend himself from my feathered fingers) then he told me if I didn't stop he'd "tickle me with his eleventh finger" and I clearly got the message, he turned it into a bet...I thought he was bluffing.
I was bothering him one night and got tired so I curled up and pulled his arm over my side, and as I was about to fall asleep I felt him growing, pressing against my ass a little, then he quickly got up and pinned me down smiling and asking if I wanted to call his bluff or fold. I being to ornery to lose a bet, told him I was too tired to care about the bet and want to go back to sleep.
The next night I was bored and continued to bother him, then he crawled on top of me telling me to call his bluff or fold, and if I folded he would also, I had some doubts and bad thoughts, but I was in favor of believing he was bluffing and wouldn't really do it.
Then he pulled out a condom, put it on slowly, pulled at my shorts and my underwear, and gently pressed his growing erection against me. Never showing in his face if he knew that I wasstarting to get a little wet. I told him I didn't believe him, that he was bluffing.
Then he pushed in his thick hardening long cock into me, the pain of being stretched so far had me reeling, and the studs in the condom wernt helping with the pain. Then he stated thrusting faster, harder, pressing in deeper, and still growing harderand thicker inside me. Telling me about how i didn't believe him and that he never jokes and sex. The pain, the pleasure, going harder and faster, I was in heaven and hell. And as I was about to climax he came and quickly pulled out leaving me with the surprising want and need for more.
The next night, I bothered him again, knowing the consequences bearly after I had started tickling him he pinned me down and started grinding his once more growing erection against me turning me on wanting him so badly while he growled in my ear how I was just asking for it all day. Then he pressed harder pulling my trunks off and pulling his pants down dull rubbing against me, and asked if I wanted condomor no condom I was so horny and wet by that point I couldn't wait any longer and placed the tip ofc his cock to my wet entrance telling him my obvious answer and he plunged deep inside of me and it felt 10x more pleasurable than the first night, pulling out and cumming on me and plunging back in and thrusting hard making me cum and kept going while his cock slowly softened inside me, riding out our organisms.
This went on for months, different positions, different types of condoms, starting on the pill was the best part for unlimited pleasure;)
Glad to say I broke tradition

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