My wife had a wild past

I asked my wife to share her sexual past with me and did I get a surprise. She had a boyfriend in high school and her first year of college. He was her first. He would sneak into her bedroom through the window and she lost her virginity to him. He was more experienced than her and they tried lots of things. She learned to suck his dick like a pro. He liked to have anal sex so she let him and she learned to enjoyed it.
One night he snuck in her room and he began kissing on her, fingering her pussy and pinching her nipples which she likes. She said she was so hot. There was a knock at her window and her boyfriends cousin climbed inside. She was surprised and did not know what to think. Her boyfriend entered her and she lost all inhibition as he thrust away. His cousin took his cloths off and like it had all been planned, her boyfriend pulled out and his cousin slid in. She let both of them cum inside her and then they left. She felt embarrassed but turned on at the same time.
After high school, they moved in together. She said he had a crazy sex drive and they would have sex once or twice a day. Soon he started hinting that his cousin wanted to come over. She resisted at first but then agreed. He came over and they started getting comfortable. They talked her into stripping for them and giving them both blowjobs. It ended with her being double penetrated on top of her boyfriend and his cousin from behind. She confessed she loved it.
Her final story involved a party at their apartment. Her boyfriend invited his friends over and after some drinking and weed, he started kissing on her and running his hands up her skirt. He asked her to suck his dick in front of all his friends. With ought hesitation she did. With the buzz she had and as aroused as she was, she didn’t notice the other 4 guys taking their cloths off. On all fours, in front of her boyfriend, she felt her skirt being lifted and cock slid into her wet pussy. She opened her eyes and realized she was surrounded by guys with hard ons. All the guys had their turn and seconds if they wanted it. She said her ass and pussy have never been so sore.
Now watching my wife in a gang bang is my ultimate fancy but she says been there done that.

3 months ago


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    • It's good that you married a experienced woman. I married my wife when she was 18. She told me that she had been with at least 20 guys before we got married. She knows how to please a man. She still goes out on dates with guys but it's just for the sex . I love that I married a woman who is open sexuality.

    • Same here, my wife started in high school and had boyfriend's right up till we met and got married. She has a small and sweet look and real fuckable. I can see why lot's of guys wanted to fuck her.

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